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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Uncle Sam and the EO

There are times when I think the EO is an American by osmosis. He's picked up quite a few Americanisms thanks to his beloved Mamu. Phrases like "Aww! Man!!", "Are you kidding me?", "Aww! Come on!!" and "Cool!" flow fast and furious from his lips. He can also happily set up camp in McDonald's and Pizza Hut.

So while we were away on Saturday, my parents decided to indulge their grandsons and took them out for a Happy Meal, which by the way is so aptly named. I mean, find me another meal or dish that so perfectly describes the state of being that you will be transported to upon consumption. 'Amrit' and 'ambrosia'? Don't think so. While 'Amrit' has a nice, village-belle from Punjab ring to it, 'Ambrosia' sounds like what you would name a porn star's boob.

Anyways. So on Saturday. thanks to doting grandparents, state of happiness was achieved.

Sunday, the MIM and I are driving back home with a car full of excited, jump, yelling-with-all-their-lung-power boys (our two brats, the Nephew and S1) when we drive past one of Calcutta's most famous landmarks/heritage sites/tourist attractions.

The EO, eager to show off his knowledge, jumps up and down on his seat, points out said famous-landmark and shouts, "Look! Look! Victorrrria McMorial!"

Looks like Ronald McDonald has gotten a good grip on my son. It'll be a steady diet of shukto-shaak-maachcher-jhol-bhaat and Rabindrasangeet for my boy for some time now.


Monika,Ansh said...

Lol......don't torture the poor boy......McMorial is so cute :) Don't let Mamta hear that though- she is on a name changing spree.

The Ketchup Girl said...

mcmorial!! Hahahah. Cute and how. let him be, please. These days won't come by again, no? BTW, does he have shaak? Mine doesn't touch it. No amount of glaring will make her do it. her world revolves around 'maachu bhaatu' and 'chicki-bhaatu'

Passionate Goof said...

Totally 'Cool!' McMorial. Will remember this whenever I see the pics next. :)

Monika said...

awww mcmorial is so cute :D

Sue said...

So tell me again, why are you naming porn stars' boobs?

And my word verification says 'bright', so there. No Mc. :)

Sparkling said...


Give EO a break, Mamma! :)
Take a look at his cute face and melt sil te plait! :p

Gawd!I'm so hungry now!

P.S: I need to know how shukto-shaak-maachcher-jhol-bhaat is prepared! I need to!

Mystic Margarita said...

McMorial! ROTFL! That's so cute! :)
And M4, I don't know any kid who's not enchanted with McDonalds, I swear! Mine hasn't been to one yet, but he already wants all sorts of junk, including coco-wawa and pesci-wawa(coca cola and pepsi!

divi said...

"Awwwwwwwwwwww! Man!!"

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

@Mon, Ansh: :) And she is? What has she changed now?

@KG: He actually LOVES shaak! (touchwood) He has lately taken to having it with kasundi! The thing is, he HAS to have his veggies before he goes on to the good stuff. Even if it's just a few bites. I'm sorta anal about that.

@PG: Just don't tell tge BB though :)

@Monika: :)

@Sue: Because I've run out of babies to name!!

@Sparkling: Will send/share recipes...promise!

@MM: Yaaay! So GOOD to see you here! Missed you big-time!
Oh and my YO is quite the 'Pesssi' addict!

divi: I know, right? :)

Indyeah said...

ROFL@porn star's boob :D:D:D and I am wondering where did that come from now?:D:D :P

It'll be a steady diet of shukto-shaak-maachcher-jhol-bhaat and Rabindrasangeet for my boy for some time now
ah no! no! MM! on behalf of EO (and YO) Indy is making a heartfelt plea :D:D
dont go ahead with these cruel, heartless...err I mean sensible plans..:P:P
*looks at MM pleadingly* :D:D

EO was just err trying to see it from another viewpoint:)
*more proof of EO's intelligence* :D:D