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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Of Bijoya Blessings and Wishes

Yesterday was Bijoy Dashami. I'm still waiting for the MIM to return from the bisarjan (immersion). It was a good day...

Every year, without fail, I feel slightly sad on this day.
Sad that the five days that bring us together as a community, are over. We can now go back to forgetting about our neighbour's existence.

Sad that five days of dressing up morning and evening in new clothes, accessorizing and making the effort to look good, are over. From tomorrow I can wear my potato sacks and look all dull, colourless and lack-lustre.

Sad to see the Woman who dwells deep inside my heart and to Whom I constantly turn to with my cribs and rants and raves, Has to Go, Taking all Her Beauty, Grandeur and Splendidness with Her. From tomorrow, I have to go back to talking to the memory of this year's ravishing Images of Her in my head.

But, in all Her Benevolence, She Leaves behind an abundance of blessings. And hope.

For yesterday, after the sindoor khela, I stood there looking at Her Beautiful Face and then came home to find one of Her blessings waiting for me. And I decided to count all my blessings...

  • My EO and YO. They are precious, innocent and beautiful. They are my biggest blessings. I sat back amused and watched the EO fiddle with his hair after coming back home from a friend's house. They had been experimenting with gel and it was the EO's first time. It seemed a blessing to just be able to watch from a distance and then to be called in to share the moment. I watched with even more amusement as the YO followed his dada around, wanting to be like him, with the gel and spiked hair (more like after-bath-uncomed-wet-hair) and everything. Motherhood is full of moments like these and yes, motherhood is a blessing.
  • My MIM. I don't say it enough, but the man adores me. He infuriates me to the point of insanity, true, but yes, he still does love me in huge, big, truck-load amounts. And that is a blessing too.
  • My parents. They are healthy and safe and near me and I can't be grateful enough. Their health is a blessing.
  • My brother. He lives soooo far away and we are hardly in touch. But I know he's on my side, he's my rock and he's still my biggest fan. Siblings are always a blessing.
  • My friends. They are there to prop me up, hold me and love me for who I am. I don't have many, but the ones I have are absolute keepers. Friendship is a blessing.
  • My MIL. She's gentle, kind and sweet. And the best thing of all, is that I can talk to her like a friend. You don't get many in her mould, I can promise you that. She is a blessing.
  • My FIL. A man I have a difficult and very tempestuous relationship with. We fight, we argue; he makes me cry, sulk and brood in my room, but...he's also a huge fan of my work. He's immensely proud of me and boasts to his friends about me whenever he gets the chance. We have our differences, She soooo knows we do!, but sometimes we do get along...famously! And that's a blessing.
  • My blog buddies. I've said this before and I know I'll probably say it again, but the comfort that I get from you all has been like a life-line to me. Your words, your comments, your understanding of my feelings and experiences, have often been a string and steady stream of light in a very dark, dank and musty cave. You are all a blessing.

Shubho Bijoya to you all. May your lives always be full of blessings...blessings that count, blessing that matter and blessings that make you happy. Peace, joy, good health and love be with you and yours.

So what was the blessing that triggered this off? I got my author copy of "Chicken Soup for the Indian Teenager's Soul" yesterday and I just couldn't help but be gobsmacked at the date it chose to arrive. When I tore open the packet, I felt truly, truly blessed.


The Ketchup Girl said...

Shubho bojoya to you too m4. Hope this year rocks for you and your beautiful family. Count your blessings..they multiply :). Loads of laab!

Annie said...

I had never heard of Shubho Bojoya and ermm... I have googled it, and of what i gathered its like your Eid/ Christmas... So happy Shubho Bojoya to you...

I so wanna see pictures. How come you dont upload pictures ... *sulky pout*

Monika said...

Shubho bojoya to all of u... what a lovely post

hugs dear

Indian Homemaker said...

Shubho bojoya to you too and Congratulations for the "Chicken Sop...." M4!!

My best wishes for many more beautiful blessings and more success, and not just your FIL, I love your work too!!!

The Ketchup Girl said...

M4, can i have your email id? email it to


wordjunkie said...

Shubho bijoya to you all, and congratulations again on the book!

Monika,Ansh said...

Shubho Bijoyo to you too M4.God bless u & your family this coming year & give you great moments to look back on.
Lovely post :)

Anonymous said...

Few realise how beautifully blessed they were before they lose precious,priceless things.

with blessings for a blessed lifetime,

Shubho Bojoya!

Anamika said...

Shubho Bijoya to you.
Pardon me for being dumb, but are you the author or some sort of contributor to the book or is it something you were just waiting for?

Btw, you could have easily been talking about my in-laws :) Our generation Bengali parents have simply got it somehow, dont you think :)

WhatsInAName said...

Dear mama mia,
I share your feelings about the last day of Navratri. Its time for me to pack my dolls and I am kind of sad and yet satisfied that it was a good nine days of all that you mentioned. Will miss it till next year. wish you a happy diwali in advance. :)

Shachi said...

Wish you the same :) Wish you a great year ahead....XOXO!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

@ KG: Loads of laab to you and yours too!

@ Annie: Thank you for your wishes. You've hit the nail on the head...Durga Puja for the Bengali community IS our Eid/Christmas and after the festivities are over, we wish everyone 'Shubho Bijoya'. I don't post pictures here because I'm still trying to maintain some sort of anonymity here. Can I find you on facebook?

@ Monika: *hugs right back*

@ IHM: Those are not wishes, but the loving blessings of a wiser, caring friend whom I long to meet. Thank you!

@ WJ: Thank you my friend! All well with you?

@ Mon, Ansh: Shubho bijoya to you my dear! I hope you had a lovely holiday. Love to you, Ansh and the precious soon-to-be!

@ Anonymous: Yes, there is much to be grateful for, it's sad that we often forget. Thank you for your words.

Rohini said...

Shubho bijoya! Loved the counting of blessings. We should all do it more often...

Push Vs Pull said...

I have not read any of those but I am implementing on my 43 things will surely read it !

Congrats for the chicken soup !

Good Day !

Mystic Margarita said...

Shubho Bijoya to you, MIM, EO and YO. It's the perfect occasion for counting one's blessings.

And heartiest congrats for the Chicken Soup! You rock, girl!