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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Out of the Chocolate-smeared Mouth of my Babe

Now before you read any further, you need to remember that I am a chocoholic. A HUGE one, physically and poetically speaking. My inner goddess is a chocoholic and can be satiated with any humble offering. My inner diva is a chocoholic too and for her, only creamy, milky Lindt will do. My inner junkie is also a chocoholic and for her, almond clusters and chocolaty butterscotch bits are what help her channelise her flower power.

So, now that I've explained the different types of chocoholic that make up this me, let us proceed...

Believe it or not, but this morning, I was the absolute picture of will-power and self-control. I'm sitting there with a huge, chunky slice of Double Chocolate Truffle Cake from the MIM's birthday. I'm sitting there and feeding every last bit to my boys and not having a single crumb myself. That's a victory folks. A HUGE one! ;p

Anyways, to put some more fun into the whole business of cake-eating (as if it wasn't fun enough!), I start to sing to my boys as I spoon in each mouthful; "Yummy, yummy, my tummy...It's so funny! Good!" -- to the tune of ABBA's "Money, money, money." (Yeah, I'm lame like that, but at least my boys think I'm a hoot!)

The YO is really kicked with this song, so he starts his Noddy head-dance and singing to his own made-up tune, "Yaammee, yaamee, yaamee, in taamee, taamee...faanee, faanee."

And he's looking so cute and scrumptious and adorable, with those twinkling, impish eyes, that chocolaty smile and with that head moving crazily and dizzily, that I just put my face in front of his and said, "Yummy, yummy, yummy! Yes! You are my yummy, my delicious, my sweetie-peety-pie!"

He cocks his head to one said, looks at me and says, "Aami cake?" (Am I cake?)
I laugh and say, "Yes, my sweetheart! You are my cake!"
He laughs back and sings, "Aar tumi chocolate!" (And you are chocolate!)

Awwwww! He called me chocolate! That's like a direct, one-way ticket straight to the core of my heart!

My cup of cocoa overfloweth!


Rohini said...

So cute :)

Annie said...


You are hands down the chocolate of my blogging pantry.

the YO... give him a hug from me side too?..

bhavya said...

dat's so fuckin' cute!! :) :)
lots n lots of hugs to YO..
wishing u a lot more of such chocolate-soul warming moments! :)
lots of love to EO n YO!!

Anonymous said...

nollstrOHHH M4 you brought a delighted, reminiscing smile on my face :)

So Chocolate is Cake's Mother!! In my house Daughter was Sweetie Pie, and Son wanted a matching name, so he became Apple Pie :)

Love your Yummy Yummy Yummy song ...not without the ABBA tune!!!

A delightful post this one!

Sparkling said...

Thank you to 'the chocolate cake team' for the smiles :)

And belated b'day wishes to the hubby :)

Uma said...

Oh, that's oodles of will power - feeding cake and not eating a crumb! Take that from a fellow chocoholic!
and your li'l one sounds soo yummily adorable!

The Ketchup Girl said...

tor chele ra tor moton puro puri ooogligooogligooosh. :). More lindt swiss thins for you every day!