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Monday, September 21, 2009

Sometimes, when you're down and out...

...the magic mix of music, chocolate and a chick-flick is all it takes to get the cool breeze to tickle your eye-lashes again.

My week-end recommendations:
Music --
1) ABBA (Thank You for the Music, Slipping Through My Fingers, I Have a Dream)
2) Bryan Adams (Cloud No. 9, Heaven, Summer of '69, Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?)
3) Bob Marley (Buffalo Soldier, Is This Love)
...all played on a really high volume.

Chick-Flick --
1) Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
2) Confessions of a Shopaholic

Chocolate --
1) What? Are you kidding me? ANY!!


soin said...

music chocolate ok,,chick flick??they tend to irritate more than what is

Anonymous said...

Oh I agree M4!!!! Music and chick flicks are my succor too.

I too love Abba, but I like Beatles (with a little help from my friends) and Carpenters (Top of the world) too.

LOL Chocolates I avoid, but replace them with samosas or any chili laden Indian snack with green chutney:)

Mama - Mia said...


nice n nice!

and what about lunch date with girlfriends?!

and chocolate - not any por moi! wonly Dark! :D



Monika,Ansh said...

so true :)


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Sparkling said...

Kewl! :)

Add 'Love Actually' and 'A walk in the clouds' to it, too! Puhleezz :p

I saw 'The Proposal' during the w/e and I must say, Ryan Reynolds was hot and ummmm...tasty ;D

Seriously??? Any chocolat?

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

@soin: Aww! But I *heart* chick-flicks! I proudly state so in my blurb...

@IHM: Oooh! Carpenters are an all-time fave! And yes, bring on those pakodas :)

@Namesake: Waaah! You're trying to make me jealous aren't you? I've seen them pics and I confess, I am a deep, dark green!

@Mon,Ansh: :D

@WEB SHERIFF: Err, thanks! Can I get Bryan's autograph, please?

@Sparkling: Babe, my list can go on and on! I just mentioned the movies I watched over the week-end :)