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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Poetry; Out of the Mouths of my Babes

So the EO is sitting next to me patiently as I am arm -deep in a pile of Transformers (the spoils of the birthday), trying to assemble them and keep my cool at the same time. The procedure is delicate, complex and nerve-wracking, which explains why I feel like a neuro-surgeon operating on the spinal cord of a neonate.

My EO, overwhelmed, suddenly exclaims, "Mamma, I love you like December!"

My jaws dropped and I was stupefied! My son was waxing eloquent! My son was being poetic! Yes, I was truly stupefied. ANd stupid.

Instead of enjoying the sheer spontaneity and beauty of the line, I asked him to explain what he meant. So he sweetly and innocently tried to make his dense, poetry-less Mamma understand.

EO: What is the first month of the year?
Stupid Woman, a.k.a. M4: January.
EO: And the last?
M4: December.
EO: So I love you like that. Like from January to December.

I actually though he meant, December because of the holidays, the Christmas parties, the snuggles, Santa Claus and every fun thing that the month stands for.

I loved his explanation just fine. :D
And then there's my little YO.

It's Wednesday evening. Big brother has gone to karate class, so the YO has his Mamma all to himself. They're playing and laughing and tickling when suddenly the YO stops and looks deep into his Mamma's eyes. Something 's caught his attention and he's fascinated.

The following is their conversation, and if this is not poetry, then what is?

YO: Mamma, tomaar eye-jhey 'YO' baby. (Mamma, you've got 'YO' baby in your eyes).
M4, smiling to herself: Heinh, baby. (Yes, my baby).
YO, coming closer to get a better look: Oi to, 'YO' baby. (There he is, 'YO' baby).
M4: Heinh, my baby.
YO: Tumi dekho. (You look).
M4: Aami dekhtey paarchhi to. (But I can see you).
YO: Naa, tumi dekho. (No, you look).
M4, goes all cross-eyed: Ei je, dekhchhi aamaar 'YO' baby ke. (There, I can see my 'YO' baby).
YO, satisfied: Tumi dekhchho? (screws up his face into an adorable epression) Eibaar aami dekhchhi, aamaar eye-jhey Mamma achhey. (You can see? Now I am looking at the Mamma in my eyes).

So many expressions ran through my head at the end of this conversation -- the eyes are the window to one's soul... the apple of one's eye... the eyes have it...

All I know is that this apple of my eye is an intrinsic part of my soul, and at this perfect moment in time, in his own, perfect, child-like way, he expressed the same sentiment about me.


rajidrc said...

I'm loving ur kids like December :)
And also the way I get to learn bits and pieces of Bengali from ur posts ;)
[Hi. .been seeing ur blog for a couple of days now.. nice]

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Lovely. I'm enjoying your lively posts like from Jan to December. I think these are the invaluable moments that make us so happy about being moms.

What a sweet, touching post. Keep writing please.

The Ketchup Girl said...

OH MA!!!! How adorable and wordsworth like! They've picked it from u, M4. its in the genes. 'i love you like december' - babe, that's the best ive heard in a long long time. quick tight hugs to the junior shakespeare. YO though is deeper- philoshopher-ish. A big kiss to him too. when they grow up their girl friends are gonna be floored with all this Kobita and philospphy.

R's Mom said...

Oh they are so cute...and adorable..and kids are such wonderful philoshophers!

Sraboney said...

Tomaar bacchara khoob adorable!

Passionate Goof said...

You really have put yourself into your sons, they are both so like you!! As a kid, i used to love seeing the reflections in the eyes too.

Monika,Ansh said...

Aww......what lovely conversations & such lovely moments.

Anonymous said...

tooo cute!!!
the stuff these lil fellows come up with! Give 'em a hug for me, will ya!

Anonymous said...

Now how cute is that!!!

An apple of your eye loves you like December, another one knows you are in his eyes, and he in yours :)
No poetry can be better than this M4!!

Piper .. said...

I loveeeee your boys!! They are just so adorable! :):)
I love the phrase too - I love you like December! I`m going to use it on The G! :):)

Annie said...

I love you like, December....

I am speechless, by the beauty and simplicity of this one sentence ...

EO is complete cheek-pulling material.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

@ all: Thank you all so much for your kind words. The things that children can go on and on about them, and thank God we bloggers actually do! :D

Indyeah said...

muah muah and muah for EO and YO :)

This is just what I missed in all this time that I have been away:)) blissful,happy and adorable tales of both the little imps:)))

anytime I am over to your city do you think I could maybe adopt them for a day or two?:)))


and yes those are two little charming poets you have:))

*waiting for the day when you will have to tackle the horde of females who will be at your door*:D:D

YO and EO are goin to be heartbreakers I am telling ya :D:D

Poppins said...

Awwwww. I've had that Mommy in my eyes and me in your eyes moment with my EO when she was as old as your YO :)
Am totally stumped by January to December though - surely a poet in the making !

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

@Indyeah: You sweetheart you!! You've gone through all my posts! And left comments on them all!

Your love for my sons leaves me all chocked and teary-eyed. I do hope we get to meet one day...and until we do, I am going to tell my boys about this Dilli auntie who loves them so much :)

@Poppy: Such a sweet thing to say, naa? And the peering into the eyes action to get a better look? Ooof! Totally heart-melting! As for my EO, poet material? You think? Oh, I hope!

MsMRC said...

awwwwwww!! And I thought they're cute only when they're two and a half month old smiley-gurgly-aaa-aaaaaaing-to-mamma babies like mine is right now :D