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Sunday, January 11, 2009

One, A Jumbo Treat; Two, A Wild Escape

Yes, I am obviously talking about the latest animation flicks that hit theatres quite some time back.

What can I say? 'Jumbo' was a huge hit with the kids and me too! The plot was interesting and had my EO, the Nephew and a niece riveted right from the beginning. From the cute and lovable antics of the little Jumbo and Sonya right up to the point where Jumbo proves himself worthy of his true name, 'Jaiveer', who avenges his father's death on the battle-field and helps the King of Shaktinagar win its Independence, you'll find it hard not to be entranced. A great film,that was just the right length and had a gripping story line.

Finally saw 'Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa'. Liked it, but it wasn't really a movie for 5 year-olds. The EO and Nephew say they enjoyed it, but the humour definitely went over their was more for the adults to get the jokes. The kids just had a laugh with the mad-cap adventures of the friendly four and of course that crazy coot, King Louis. The penguins were as violent as ever, not to mention the old lady who kicks serious lion-butt...did not at ALL enjoy the portions where she was featured. It reminded me of 'Shrek 3', a movie that I found hilarious, but the humour just wasn't aimed at the very young audience.

So my verdict? If you have small kids of the EO variety, take them to see 'Jumbo' and for the children of 9/10+ (and of course the child in you), go for 'Madagascar 2'.

What the hell? Take your five-year-old along if s/he 'likes to move it, move it' and let them boogie it out in their seats. The memory of that sight will be so worth it!


noon said...

Hey MM - I hated Madagascar - such a lousy children's movie. I had not taken KB to the movie theater at all but when my cousin visited with kids, we went with them - I had to constantly run behind KG but what little I saw of the movie was so bad - like you said it is a movie for adults, not kids. It is so ridiculous to call it a children's movie.

Mama - Mia said...


i think its high time most of us realise an animated movie isnt necessarily for kids! :D more often, its not!

i mean i doubt kids can get Iceage, Sharktales and my fav Incredibles!

i amw aiting to watch Madagascar desperately and wanna watch Jumbo for Cubby! he is so into elephants all of a sudden and calls it something i cant even prounounce! :D