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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Of Bandhs and Bon Voyages

Sitting at home twiddling my fingers on a bandh day. I should have gotten used to the whole 'bandh' scenario in Kolkata by now, but today, I am especially angry.

They just had to call it today? Not any other day? I mean come on, you guys can really go all out in trying to claim another day-off for yourselves. What, four days not enough f0r you? I mean, you've already got a long weekend in the State. Tomorrow, Friday is Netaji's birth anniversary (a holiday in good ol' WB), then there's the weekend, followed by Republic Day on Monday. Four days people! And it's not enough for you? You have to dishonestly grab another one to make a five day trip to heavens knows where and cripple the infrastructure and cause losses worth millions just so that some of you can spend an extra day in Digha, Puri, Darjeeling or wherever!

Arrey! If you have to do it, do it honestly. Put in a leave application, inform your children's schools and then jazz off. Don't keep doing this to everyone!
Sorry about this rant, but when you go the straight and narrow and watch people walk the crooked path, it is a disheartening and disgusting feeling.

But let me just draw in a couple of deep breaths, because speaking of 'jazzing off', the four of us are off to the Andamans tomorrow! I am so buzzed because this is the first holiday just the four of us! No relatives, no help -- just me and my boys (yes, that includes the MIM!) I have to confess that the MIM is very apprehensive about the 'no help and no ayah' policy that I was adamant about, but he's agreed. I hope and pray that everything's alright and super-smashing and that we have the bestest holiday ever! I hope I don't have to hear the end of not taking someone along. I hope 'm the one who gets to say, "See, I told you so!!"

So pray for me people. And someone please tell me to just stop worrying and relax already! Shouldn't I be thinking about sand, surf and sarong now?

See you guys when I get back!


DotThoughts said...

Enjoy your trip and come abck with loads of pics!

chandni said...

enjoy! u will be missed :)

Still thinking said...

Have a good one M4 and just stop worrying, will you?

Monika,Ansh said...

Aww..have a whole lot of fun.Will miss u & look forward to your post on all the fun u had there !

pseudo intellectual said...

you know, i WAS expecting a bandh that day so when my mum told me, all i did was laugh and say "cal does it again!" :P
hope u have lotsa fun. andamans is a beautiful place!

Nikita said...

have a great holiday M4!! :-)

Mama - Mia said...

oooh! what fun!! :)

i hope the vacation was everything you expected and then some more!!



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