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Friday, January 30, 2009

A Giant Leap...Backwards!

What the hell has been happenng while we were away? We didn't get newspapers in our room and we didn't have time to watch the news and this is what I come back to? Aishwarya Rai getting the Padma Shri? And women being dragged by their hair by cavemen? WTF?!?!!!

There's much I need to write about the holiday, of course, but in all good consciousness I couldn't start writing about my pleasure trip when the affairs of the country are in such a mess and I have an opportunity to lend my voice and do something.

So here's a link regarding the atrocities that were carried out in Mangalore. Take a stand, raise your voice, sign the petition...PLEASE!!!


Monika,Ansh said...

Oh yes M4. Sadly, almost every other day we hear of something in our coutry which distresses us.
We need to stand together.

Indian Home Maker said...

Adding this link to my Blog. I agree with Monika.Ansh, we need to stand together.

Mama - Mia said...

its demented what is happening!

and they are saying they CANNOT ban the group! wont politicians EVER think beyond next vote?? and who are these people who want to vote for these archaic parties?!

its disgusting!