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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gotta Love Them Babies...

A while back, I was tucking the EO into bed. Since he had had a very early dinner, I was giving him a glass of warm milk to fill his tummy (yeah, I believe in the miracles of milk). A friend had come over and she was chatting with the EO and helping me out by trying to get the EO to drink his milk faster, when suddenly, out of the blue:

EO: Mamma, when I grow up, I think so I'll have a baby boy, or baby girl.
(considering that those are the only two options available to him, I smilingly asked him: Tomaar kontaa chai? (What would you like?)
EO: Baby boys.
M4: Why?
EO: Because boys are awesome!

I was a bit startled by the use of 'awesome' but then I remembered Ben 10 and his lingo, plus, in all honesty the EO's Mamma and Mama have a pretty American way of talking, so it's not really unusual that he said that. I couldn't help but agree with the sentiment, since I'm mommy to two pretty 'awesome' boys myself, but then the part of me that wanted-and-still-so-desperately-craves-for-a-bundle-of-rose-pink, asked him: "And what about baby girls? What are they?"

EO: Oh, they're beautiful!
(again he hit the nail on the head, he's a wise little cookie, my EO is!)

Then my friend, who was listening in, highly amused and who is mommy to a girl and boy, asked the EO: "But what will you do if you have boys?"

EO: I'll take them to karate class!

Awww, how cute! He wants them to follow in his adorable, kiss-the-ground-upon-which-he-lays his adorable footsteps and...heyyyyyyy!! Just wait a cotton-pickin', frickin' minute here, my darling son! Name me one instance when your daddy darling took YOU to your karate class! It's always been this faithful Mamma that you keep hanging around! "Take them to karate class", indeed! Hmph! How cute is that?!?
The YO refers to himself as "A****** Baby". Point to a photo of him and ask him, "Ota ke?" (Who is that?) and pat comes the reply, "A****** Baby." Ask him his name and he'll reply, "A****** Baby." If he trips, falls and cries and you go running up to him asking, "Who got hurt? Which darling, little precious sona-muni fell down?" and you know that the answer will be "A****** Baby!"

Well, he's learning to answer the question, "What's your name?" in school now, by replying "My name is A****** XYZZ." [Yes folks, we get that surname from the Chzekoslovakian side of the family! ;p]

This morning, I asked the MIM to ask him his name in English. Promptly comes the reply, "Mii nem ijj A****** Baby XYZZ!"

Baby! Yes you are and you're all mine!


ess said...

It's cute. It is. Details like actually driving kids to karate class aren't to be considered when your aim is cute daydreams!

Monika,Ansh said...

Aww....ur boys are too cute!! :)

Still thinking said...

Gawd! I missed a lotta baby talk.
M4, for once I hafta agree, 'your' boys are 'awesome'

Howz EO and YO doing?


dipali said...

so sweet!