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Thursday, November 20, 2008

When Fat Cells Eat Up Your Grey Cells... become an idiot.

And I, dear friends, am an idiot. Of the biggest kind (a certain pun intended...) Carry on gentlefolk, to read my story of how I allowed myself to be absolutely and thoroughly bemuddled into joining a weight-loss centre.

I got a VLCC gift voucher as a gift from a credit card company.

Now, everybody knows how much I crib about my weight...and why not? I am fifteen kgs overweight. I was never slim and trim, but I was never such a hot-air balloon like figure either. It's one of my major causes for depression. (Yes, I do suffer from depression...there! I've said it out loud and I feel strangely lighter...but the battle with the little demons that surround me, leave me feeling tired, unhappy and soul-less. {I can't believe I've just admitted all that!})

But as I was saying before I started rambling, I am overweight and I have tried to do things about it before. I started going for walks soon after the YO was born, and everybody said that the results were showing. And then, I just stopped. The only available time on my hands was the evenings, but that time is heavy traffic-time for me...chasing after the kids, sometimes dropping & picking the EO and my friend's sons from karate class, feeding my boys, putting them to bed...I felt very rushed. I know it's not a good excuse, but it's the truth.

Next, I joined a gym for a month. I didn't even go regularly, but in twenty-one days I lost three kilos! That should have been incentive enough for me to keep going, but I didn't, because the gym timings were in the morning and that meant I had to go after dropping the EO off to school and before picking him up. That meant, the being away from home during the only exclusive time I had with my YO. And I thought bonding with my teeny-tiny babe was more important than those then 10 extra kilos.

But now that the YO has started school, I have been toying with the idea of going back to the gym. And then this voucher fell into my lap. It gave me a 30% discount on slimming or beauty packages, plus Rs. 5,000/- worth of treatments free. Never one to pass up a freebie and considering that this was also going to help carve a slim-waisted figure out of a lumpy mass of fat and flesh, and also not to ignore the fact that there's a VLCC centre just half-a-kilometer away from home, I decided to drop in.

The lady, sales rep, centre manager or what-have-you, knew her spiel backwards. And even though I am not a naive bumpkin and went in there knowing that to avail of those beautifully-worded freebies I'd have to shell out some amount from my pocket, I never imagined that I would be thwacked in the face with the astronomical figure of Rs. 40,000/-!! This, Ms. VLCC claimed, was how much it would cost me to lose a measly five kgs (hah!) and to tighten my tum-tum and thighs (that had me really interested) in x-amount of sittings. I shook my head politely and said that thanks, but no thanks I would just take the weight-loss package that guaranteed to have me 5 kgs lighter in time for Christmas.

But Ms. VLCC was not to be outdone. She carried on trying to convince me to go for ten sittings, instead of 20, for the thigh and tummy toning thingamajig. That still meant Rs. 20,000/-. Her well-toned upper arms, which she purposely flaunted in that sleeveless kurta, obviously worn to woo desperadoes like me who craved for an unflappable pair, seemed to mock me. My resolve was weakening, I could tell, but to my credit, I sat firm.

Finally, a last ditch effort by Ms. VLCC....and I caved. The thought of slimmer thighs and being able to fit into a pair of jeans that didn't have an elastic waist-band to accommodate a growing person inside of me, was just too good to pass up.

Yes. I am indeed walking around with a post-it stuck to my forehead, loudly proclaiming me to be a "SUCKER!!!"

And thus starts the story of how I allowed myself to be bamboozled into joining a weight-loss and slimming centre. Just so that I could get some freebies. And hopefully feel lighter around my 'problem areas'.

And I must say, it's already working. My bank balance is already feeling lighter by several thousands of rupees! And so is the inside of my head...those grey cells must really be dwindling in number!


OrangeJammies said...

Maybe it's time to do some paisa vasooli and keep at it. I lost a whole bunch of pounds when I put my nose to the grindstone and though I'm still the official goodyear blimp, I know I can do it and that makes me keep at it. Choose something you enjoy, though, and you'll go back for more. Try aqua aerobics or dancing or something fun. If you don't like the time you spend working it, the likelihood of quitting is that much higher. But I'm sure you know all this already. Just want you to also know that I know how hard it is, but there's nothing to be done but keep at it and stick a 'patience, perseverance, persistence' note where you can see it all day, every day! I don't mean to come off as all preachy, just sharing my own experience with you. :0)

Mama - Mia said...

we are soul sistahs indeed!

even I had started going for walks regularly and the effect was showing! at least the paunch was getting better! and now i am nack to having trouble breathing in lot of my clothes! recently bought ones, that too!

a cool 15kgs heavier too! i have always wanted to know how does this VLCC thing work! you are please to enlighten!

i have always though if getting slim is so easy no one would be fat!!

so dont hide anything from us!! :D

all the best and have fun!



Monika,Ansh said...

Now that u have got in, make the most of it.
& let me tell u & everyone else that u have such a lovely smile & an infectious laughter that I did not even notice your weight.
But I am with u about how imp losing he weight is , so keep at it & get ever cent worth of stuff from VLCC

Still thinking said...

You're as old as you would want to feel and I guess the same applies for weight as well or does it not? :)

Anyway, it's always great to be and feel healthy, but don't stress urself on it too much dear just do it as a daily habit. Sometimes it's as blissful to feel lighter in the Grey cells area as much as it is in the hips area.

Motivation is what gets you started and habit is what keeps you going (A Fitness First tagline and I've just recently become a member of it). So you see, we are all in it with you. All the best, take care and even I like your smile :D

A Muser said...

Good luck, Mamma Mia! You never know: the fact that your bank balance is a few thousand lighter may provide that much-needed incentive to go to the gym on days you're feeling too tired to work out! Me, I'm a huge yoga junkie and I still haven't gotten around to starting regular yoga even though Ro's a year old! I highly recommend it, though!

pseudo intellectual said...

stick with it. am sure it'll pay dividends. all the best!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Dear all...thank you for your words of support.

@OJ: Everything you've written is true. I wish we had aqua aerobics here, am an absolute water baby and I used to enjoy aerobics in Blor. You know what I'd really like though? Belly dancing...but I'll save that for a future post!

@Namesake: don't worry my dear, I intend to document everything.

@Monika, Ansh: awww! thank you! that's so nice of you! here's a :) just for you!

@Still: Great to know that I'm not on this journey alone! Soul sistah! And where have you seen my smile? Or for that matter, me? :)

@A Muser: You're so right. The poor bank balance is indeed providing me with righteous motivation. Plus, hubby dearest couldn't stop laughing. I have a point to prove now, don't I?

@PI: Thanks for the encouragement!

OrangeJammies said...

M4, belly dancing is fun but serious work. The back and abs will creak like crazy, but hell, it's some workout! Good luck.