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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Let's Do Something!!

I am sick, SICK of these as***les trying to blow our country into smithereens. I am sick of my backyard turning into a war field. I am sick of worrying about family and friends living under the threat of terror. I am sick of feeling guilty for bringing two beautiful children into this f***ed-up world.

We can rant and rave about the politics and politicians of this country. We can scream ourselves hoarse over issues like corruption and nepotism. We can sign all the online petitions we want condemning killings, murders and rapes.


Something to ensure that the tigers don't die out in our children's lifetimes.
Something to make sure that we have clean water to drink and fresh air to breathe till eternity end.
Something to make sure that the flora and flauna of the world can thrive and grow in all their natural beauty and splendour.
Something to make sure that the d***-heads don't strike again.
Something to make sure that out five-year olds don't come and ask us what a 'bomm balast' means.
Something to make sure that watching the news need not be a censored event in front of your children's eyes.

But what?

We can wear all the black armbands and badges we like; burn all the candles we want; walk in all the protest rallies there are; cuss at all the politicians that exist; ...but what can we do to make our citizens more proud of their country? What can we do to instill more pride in our armed forces? What can we do to become a more tolerant yet vigilant and tougher nation?

Over the past few days, I have read some excellent posts by mommies all over the world. Mommies angered over the ease with which these terrorists could gain access into our country; mommies scared by the sheer intensity of the hatred that these gun-toting bastards propagate ; mommies outraged by irresponsible men chosen to lead and govern us; mommies scared shitless and witless over the kind of world we are bequeathing to our children.

This is what I propose to all the mommy bloggers out there who want to make a difference:
~Let's start a forum, like Mommy Bloggers Against Terror or Mommy Bloggers for a Better World. [let's get a better name to start with! ;)]
~We should write a petition to the Prime Minister and President of our country, asking them to pass a law to make the pledge of allegiance to our Motherland absolutely and strictly COMPULSORY in each and every school throughout the land. Nationalism is not inbred, it is instilled.
~We can visit schools and make presentations to the principles asking them to start an initiative with the Indian army, where they can invite army officers once or twice a year to come to school and give an interactive talk to children from class 6 and up, about what it is that they do. Our children need to know, understand and be grateful.
~Let's form clubs in school geared towards protecting the environment. This should be made a part of every school curriculum, just like moral science and SUPW.
~Let's teach our children to be more vigilant.
~Let's revive the concept of pen-pals in school, onbce again.
~Let's start across the border friendship initiatives amongst the schools. We have inter-school cul-fests in our cities, why not amonst the SAARC nations? Let's get sponsors for exchange programs.

I don't know... What else? You tell me... Please share your thoughts. ideas and suggestions with me. Please tell your blog friends to read this particular post of mine and to pass the good word around. If required...let's start a new blog!! We blog, we write, we connect -- from all over the world. Let's do this too!

I'm sick and tired of sitting in the back-seat, waiting for things to happen. Let's take the steering wheel in our hands and move forward, in the same direction with the same goal in sight.

Let's do something!


ess said...

I guess anything that gets people to go out there and meet other people should work. It's very easy to become prejudiced and violent when most of your contact is with people like yourself.

Amrita said...

for you! I think most of those suggestions are absolutely sensible, workable and much needed. However, I do think these are things the mothers will have to campaign for on their own and accomplish on their own. I'm looking at our current PM and the man tipped to be our next PM (LK Advani) and the people who want to be PM (Narendra Modi, Mayawati, Laloo Yadav, Rahul Gandhi) and I don't see one person among them whom I would trust to so much as get the pen pal initiative off the ground.

Amrita said...

Er, the opening sentence was supposed to be "Good for you!" Rage or blogger, one of the two, is eating up my words.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

@ess, I think you over-looked all my positive thoughts and propositions. From your last line, I see that you believe in 'like begets like'. Therefore, if a collective meeting of negative thoughts and minds just build up 'prejudiced and violent' actions, the same can be said about the coming together of people with positive suggestions and actions.

@Amrita, why don't we start by campaigning for makng the "India is my country" pledge compulsory in all schools. I am sure that the present PM and the PM-in-waiting will give a serious and patient hearing to this.

Goofy Mumma said...

Wonderful initiative M4. I am definitely with you.

chandni said...


Lets gather more opinion on what we can do as citizens of this country.

I have a few ideas that I gathered over discussion with some friends from the field...will shoot at email!

Parul said...

I have linked to your post.

Still thinking said...

If all the mother's of this generation think like you then I can safely say that the next generation will be looked upon with immense pride :)

'Nationalism is not inbred, it is instilled' - I agree. I've been so upset with what happened in Mumbai then my anger just does not seem to subside. I feel so much for my city and I'll be there soon, very soon.

A very positive thought M4. Yes, I believe in collective action and thoughts. I'm not a mom yet but yes, I'll blog along.

Mama - Mia said...

i am still too dazed and muddleheaded to think straight! but what you say does make a lot of sense.

do let me know how I can be of help!



Morpheus said...

I am not a mommy, but have been thinking about having a child..but after all that is happening in our 'f***ed up world'..I am not too sure..if I want to be the one waiting for news, calling on redial mode, emailing, hunting on the net, mobile switched on 24x7 just to make sure my little one is safe...
am not sure..just not sure..

dipali said...

It's a beginning, no doubt, but far more problems seem to be bred by poverty and ignorance and envy.
There is so much prejudice among allegedly 'educated' people who are so unwilling to change their perceptions of the 'other'. I'm sorry to sound so negative here. Yes, the only sane thing is to be open and fair-minded ourselves, and teach our children by our own example.
Politicians of all hues and on both sides of the border have a great deal to answer for.

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Divs said...

Hi there...came across your blog through Parul's when I was searching for all mommies blogging abt the latest atrocities in Mumbai. I too, like you, was speechless all those 4 horrific days. I was so shocked that words didn't find their way at all. I realize now that this incident has changed something in me forever. I feel like I have transformed into a strong patriot after this. I feel like doing ANYTHING I can - even things like get out there and caste my vote. I think little things can make a huge difference but only if all of us are committed to these things. So let's put our heads together and start thinking - what can we do that will make a difference. If you don't mind, I'll be linking this post to mine at

pseudo intellectual said...

why are we being excluded? why why why? :(

the mad momma said...

two things - pledging doesnt make you feel it ... i realise not everyone feels abt it the way i do.

two - why just mothers? all of us. we all need to do things to make a diff...

great ideas M4.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Thank you all! Baby steps, but steps nevertheless in the right direction...

I have written a new post as a continuation...

Goofy Mumma said...

Have linked you up on my blog here.

wordjunkie said...

I think all your ideas are great.. am linking to your post right now.
However, why only mommy bloggers.. this is important for everyone.