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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Boy Talk

Boy talk:
Tale #1: Saturday. 30th August. I take my younger one to school for his spelling bee. We're ten minutes early, but the boys are already being sorted into different lines, class-wise. I figure out the Class 3 line, tell him he needs to go there & ask him if I can give him a kiss for good-luck. He smiles at me sweetly and sheepishly, and politely says, "Please mamma, not in front if my friends." And thus breaking my heart ever so slightly, he walks away to take his place.
Lucky for him he was polite and said "please" otherwise I'd have grabbed him and planted a wet, slobbery, noisy one on his cheek in front of the whole school!!
Tale #2: Sunday. 31st August. Long drive back home. The Bro suddenly asks me about regular dental check-ups for the boys...something which we, as kids, were subjected to while growing up in America. The YO helpfully pipes up that he, along with his entire KG class (which means three years ago), was taken to a dentist by their teacher when they were learning about "Our Helpers", or, different professions. "You know mamu, we even went to an eye witness!"
Stumped by this piece of info, there is a two second silence and before I can share my attempt at the deciphering of his statement, the elder one sternly corrects him,"Uff YO! You mean an optimist!!"
Yes. My boys were talking about an optometrist.

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