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Thursday, April 30, 2009

He Who Laughs Loudest

It's quite adorable actually to hear a teeny-tiny little mite laugh loud and strong, almost maniacally, while watching a Tom & Jerry cartoon just because his big brothers are cracking up. It just shoots your hurt spirit and bad mood between the eyes and makes you believe that Tom & Jerry still has the magic touch to make everything seem right.

That, and a little boy's praan kholaa haashi.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Deux Films Francais

La Vie en Rose/La Mome
Have you ever heard of an actor/actress oriented movie? Well, if ever there was one, "La Vie en Rose" (also known as "La Mome") is it. This is Marion Cotillard's movie through and through. I haven't seen any of her other movies, but if she puts in even 25% of what she put in here, then she is a stellar performer. One of today's best and brightest. She sooooooo deservedly won the Oscar in for Best Actress in 2007.

The movie is a biopic of one of France's most well-known and popular singers, Edith Piaf. She literally rose from the gutters to International stardom, encountering love, loss, addiction and illness along the way. But no matter what challenges she faced; no matter what curveballs Life threw her way; no matter how much she had to lose, there was always one thing that was her very own and which lifted her from rock-bottom nadirs to star-shining zeniths...her voice.

I recommend this movie for one reason and one reason alone -- Marion Cotillard.
What an actress! Phew! What an actress!

La Tourneuse de Pages
The best movie about revenge I've seen in a long time.

Melanie Prouvost is an exceptionally gifted piano player, so dediacted and single-minded in her pursuit for perfection it's almost manic and that makes her seem like she's devoid of human emotion. Her hopes for getting into the Conservatoire to become a concert pianist are dashed by the actions of a thoughtless, self-absorbed judge, celebrated concert pianist, Ariane Fouchecourt. Devasted, Melanie gives up playing the piano.
Ten years later, we find that Melanie is studying law and she finds herself a job as a summer- intern in a rich lawyer's office. Now, this lawyer needs a nanny/governess for his son while he is away on business. Melanie offers her sservices. Surprise, surprise when we find that the lawyer in none other that Ariane Fouchecourt's husband.
How Melanie wins Ariane's trust to become her page-turner and how she destroys the older woman's career and life is what makes up the rest of this movie.

Gripping, intense and riveting, I sat in my chair stupefied for long moments even after the movie got over, just letting the chillingly beautiful music mess around my brain.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Lives of Others

My favourite video rental place is closing shop. It's called 'Cinema Paradiso' (incidentally, one of my all time favourite movies) and they have a fantastic collection of world cinema. Truth be told, I didn't go very often since it's not exactly near my house. But the moment I got the letter saying that they'd be winding up operations in a month, I high-tailed it over there to pick and choose some movies that I've been wanting to see for ages.

"The Lives of Others". Every once in a whiloe, you will be given a rare opportunity that makes you understand why a movie is made in the first place. It reinforces your faith in the absolute power of storytelling. It draws you in with masterful performances. It touches a chord deep within, waking you up and taking you on a drive to a place you never knew existed.

"The Lives of Others" is one such movie.

Set in 1984 East Berlin, the movie is shown through the eyes of a Stasi officer, Hauptmann Gerd Weisler. His belief in the system is unshakeable. He is cold, impersonal and almost menacing. He comes across as a man totally devoid of any human feelings and whatever passion he has, it is for his work, the State, the ideals of Socialism. He is instructed to put an highly-acclaimed and popular author, Georg Dreymann and his actress-partner, Christa-Maria Spielman under video surveillance.
How he becomes drawn to them and entwined in their lives; how his belief in the very system that was his life's purpose is shaken to the core; how he works silently within the system to help the very suspects that he is supposed to turn in and how he becomes an unsung, silent hero with a sense of compassion and courage greater than we've ever seen before, makes up this brilliantly made movie.
A superb performance by Ulrich Muke as the Stasi officer had me giving him a standing ovation in my living room. That a man can act just using his eyes and as little verbal communication as possible, has been supebly demonstrted by Muhe in "The Lives of Others". Did this man win any awards? He certainly deserved to!

A fascinating story, beautifully told, it is now on my "Top Ten" list.

Oh, and a small 'yay!' factor as well, I understood a few bits and pieces of the German dialogues in the movie on my own. Looks like those two years weren't a waste after all! Sehr gut!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Five Small Things About a Big, BIG Love (a.k.a Around the World in 80 Clicks)

I have been tagged by the sunny Sue and the joyful Goofy Mamma to do this beautiful tag. Thanks guys! When I saw it doing the rounds I kept thinking to myself, impatiently like a child, "Mera number kab ayegaa?"

The tag is: 5 things that you love about being a mom. Next, find someone to link to and tag - someone from your own country, if you like, but definitely someone from another country (let them know that you've tagged them!) - and link back here and HBM and leave a comment.

Now I know some of the things that I feel and will write over here may sound like I'm parroting others' feelings about this blissful state of being, but that's just the thing about motherhood, isn't it? The sense of universality that it encompasses. In fact, if you sit back to think about it, it's one of the more major factors that have brought us together and made us bond. Hell, we even have a community all our own -- 'Mommy Bloggers.' I am so proud to be a part of this sorority. It's an honour, a priveledge and a pleasure.

You all know that I love being a mom. I harp on and on about it enough here ;)
Motherhood has totally and absolutely changed me. In good ways and yes, bad as well (but I won't dwell on that here). I feel as if I was put on this Earth to give birth to and mother these two little bundles of neverending joy and mischief that I've been so incredibly blessed with. I still do have dreams of my own, but I don't mind putting them on hold while I delight in the company of my children. My children. My sons. My boys. I am still overwhelmed whenever I say these phrases, whether out loud or to myself. So much so, that I actually stop and repeat it to myself a couple of times in my head just so that I can savour the beauty, wonder and bliss that these words fill me children, my sons, my boys.

But having said that, am I a great mom? No, no, hell no! And when they grow up, I'm sure my boys will tell you the same. But I am a mom. Irrevocably so. Do I love being a mom every single second of the day? I'll honestly say "No", because motherhood comes with its fair bit of trials, tribulations and frustrations. But then again, those are only momentary. At the end of the day, I love being a mom every single day. And that's the truth too.

And here are my top five reasons for revelling in motherhood:

1) The act of creation. I am overawed about how I helped make these two little people and that they lived inside me for nine months each. For nine months they were nourished exclusively by me, grew in the coccoon that I provided, were comforted by my heartbeat and had their lives intimately intertwined with mine. The thought still fills me with absolute wonderment.

2) Linked to the above is that they have brought me closer to God. I don’t pray ritually everyday. I don’t go to the pooja room everyday. But I have a closer relationship with God today, than I did before motherhood. I just need to look into their eyes or hear them laugh to bring me closer to Those Above and feel grateful and thankful. I also feel anchored, which is how I pray my boys feel towards me.

3) I have learnt to see the world a-new through their eyes. A bird’s feather, a crawling ant, the setting sun look; everything seems fresher, brighter and newer when you look at them through the eyes of a child.

4) I have rediscovered the world of books. And music. Old favourites have made their presence felt in my life again, and I am not going to let them get away this time. Not just that, but my children have also helped reignite the flames of creativity. I was going through such a bad dry spell where writing was concerned. I thought my pools of imagination had dried up; that I’d lost vision and direction. But motherhood inspires me on a daily basis and in doing so it has brought me back to life.

5) Motherhood makes me want to be the best that I can possibly be. Not just as a mother, but as a woman, as a person – as me. I try to teach by example. I use the ‘magic words’ more often now, than I did in my entire life. I try to reach for the stars…I do fail, but it makes me try harder. Twenty years down the line, I want to be able to look them in the eye and say, “You know, I gave it my all and I’ve done the best I could.” And hopefully, they won’t fault me for that.

And now, I tag:
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Friday, April 17, 2009

And All Is Right With My World...

Grief-stricken at how quickly the EO's taken to the new school, I kept asking him questions about his friends in the old school, just to see of he remembered. Of course he answered everything satisfactorily (not surprising since he met a truckload of them just last Friday, on the 9th at a now, ex-classmates birthday party).

While I'm glad there seem to be no teething troubles (touchwood!), at the same time I find it slightly distressing that he doesn't talk about his ex-classmates and ex-teacher. Especially her, since he loved her so much. "Has he forgotten everything and everyone already?", I wondered, heart-brokenly.

While playing with the YO and the Nephew this afternoon, he suddenly looked up at me with a smile and said, "Mamma, doesn't P Ma'am (present class teacher) look like M Ma'am (1st ever teacher in ex-school)?" My heart heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Seems I've been worrying too soon!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Double Century and School

Wow! According to my Dashboard, I have written 200 posts! How prolific am I?
(Of course a few of them are half-drafted and still lying somewhere as drafts...but 200, baby! Woohoo!)
Well, today was the first day of Big School. While it went great for the EO and the Nephew, I didn't do so well.

Let me record from the beginning...

Seeing my baby in uniform, white shirt, long white socks, black shoes and dark grey shorts brought a tear to my eye. He stood there looking so handsome, so big, so, so, so not a little boy anymore. But then I saw the mischievous twinkles in his eyes and that heart-stoppingly innocent smile and the world that had suddenly tilted off balance, seemed all right again.

The Nephew and he were just so excited to be going to school together. For them, that was the highlight. It was as if they could weather whatever storm would make its way towards them...bring on the pressure, bring on the homework, bring on the bullies, they were together, nothing else mattered a bit. That's how much they were looking forward to going to the same school. May your love for each other just grow from strength to strength, my boys, my loves, my precious sweethearts.

Now while these two little boys seemed to be thrilled to bits, there were two sets of parents who were progressively getting more and more hyper by the second, "Where are you?", "Arre let's go?", "Where are the boys?", "Arre toraa jaabi ki jaabi naa?!?", "Chol NAAAAA!!!!" and the like.

At the gates, we were stopped and told that only one parent was allowed inside. The MIM and BIL-ly Boy were exasperated and we told them they could carry on to their respective workplaces if they so wished. Hah! Not a chance. They were happy waiting outside in the hot sun, thank you very much.

We were told to get look at the lists on the notice board regarding the boys' classes and registration numbers. We already knew those, but needed the roll numbers. When I managed to jostle my way through the hoards of parents, what should I see, but a parent grab the EO's class list and march away. I ran after her asking for a look.

Now, I am the most non-confrontational person alive. Only when I'm really, really, REALLY tense or livid do I make my presence felt. Now this woman was talking really rudely and said she had to take the list up to the office. I asked her to just show me the list once. She said, rather loudly, "NO!" and started to march away. Now, I don't know what came over me, but I caught her by the arm and said she couldn't do this. Then she said, "I work in the office. You can't tell me what I can do or can't do!"

Ever had those moments when you wish the ground would split wide open and swallow you whole. Yes, well. Definitely not one of my favourite moments. I'm cringing as I type this and I just wish I could rewind the clock and take it back. Where were the lightning bolts when you needed them?

I meekly went to join the throngs of parents. Found the EO's class line and deposited him there. Gorgeous little boys, each a vision of innocence and even fear, dressed the same, the only splashes of colour the myriad school bags on their backs, almost each of them advertising the wearer's favourite cartoon character.

After the boys were trooped off to class, the Junior School Prefect gave us parents a short little speech, told us the rules and some other important school stuff. After that was over, we were asked to wait. After all, today 'class' was only till 10 a.m.

The SIL and I went in search of our respective husbands. They were chatting with some other dads in front of the Cafe Coffee Day nearby. There were some moms there already. We started chatting with each other and the hour passed by really quickly. I was still in a haze over my gigantic faux-pas and was still wishing I was dead.

When we were allowed back in to pick up our boys, I first went to the Junior School office to apologise. She made me sweat a little (didn't need to try very hard, I'll admit), but ultimately accepted my apology.

I went to the EO's class and his teacher called out his name. I saw my little brat sitting in the last bench stuffing his face with the cupcake that i had packed for him, just in case. Seeing me, he crammed his already over-full mouth with whatever was left in his hand. I could see the crumbs being sprayed all over his desk and I could see him getting flustered with his own little mess. In the meanwhile, the MIM joined me, took one look at his little pig and nearly went into hysterics. We tried to sign to him not to hurry and that it was okay, we were waiting. He took out his napkin and started dusting his desk. Once satisfied with the level of cleanliness he had achieved, he put everything away and came to us, all smiles.

The car ride back, it was just the MIM, EO, the Nephew and me. The boys were highly excitable and kept tickling me from the back-seat. 'Tickling-tickling' is the Nephew's favourite game. I soon acknowledged defeat and asked them to chat with each other, which they did, laughingly and loudly.

In the afternoon, while I was putting the correct textbooks and notebooks into his schoolbag, I explained what was what. I nearly lost my balance when he stared using words like 'cool' and 'super' to describe his new texts! Well, we'll just wait and see just how 'cool' and 'super' the workload is going to be. My poor dear you. You have no idea what we've had to get you into.

The EO and the Nephew happily spent the afternoon, chatting away happily. I couldn't help but ask my son, "EO, don't you miss your old school? Your old friends? A little?"

The EO reassured me quickly and succinctly, "Yes!"

I decided not to ask him how much. After all, I missed it loads.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A New Year Brings New Beginnings

It's the Bengali New Year.

I wish for you all bright new beginnings, beautiful continuations and successful conclusions. May your children be happy and healthy. May your loves be strong and true. May your lives be full of purpose and happiness. May our world be safe and secure.
And speaking of new beginnings...tomorrow is the first day of the next twelve years of the EO's life.

Yes, the Big School's gates will open to welcome a new generation. I hope the school's ready, because I most certainly am not.

Good luck baby. Make them fall in love with you!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Super Superheroes

I hate summer term-breaks. And I am not the only mum in town being driven banana-bonkers by two born-restless kids who seem to derive only strength and energy from the Sun. So my friends and I have decided to take turns dumping our kids on each other, thus spreading the madness a bit.

Today is my turn. I am currently looking after (read: 'trying to keep my sanity intact') amidst a group of boys aged between 2-8. Fun times, I tell you! If you consider being locked in a cage full of violent circus monkeys fun.

Before totally coming apart at the seams, I decided to throw the gathering an impromptu Superhero Party, thanks to all the various superhero paraphernalia the EO has accumulated over the last two years due to various birthday parties, loving relatives and successful bouts of emotional blackmail. So, there were two Eon Kids, one Batman, one Black Power Ranger and a small, little orange tiger cub/robot all geared and ready to save the world from the evil machinations of Dr. Grevis (don't ask me, I don't know either!!).

Stroke of genius? I'd like to think so, except I forgot to take into account the total annhilation of my home in the wake of the Earth being saved. So with visions of chaos and destruction laying waste to my beloved bookshelves, paintings and hubby's beloved wall-plasma TV with sound system, I decided to join the fray as the Supreme General.

Shouting out Secret Missions to five extremely excitable Superheroes is hard work. And when those missions are executed successfully within fifteen seconds of implementation, pint-sized Superheroes get exhausted even that much more easily. So they need refreshments. Out came the energy biscuits, the super power chips and mind booster juices. Duly refreshed and energised, our Superheroes were ready for more daunting challenges.

They were sent to locate the super-sonic spaceship that was being built for them for use in a top secret mission. Armed with the magic words, "Hockeldy-pockeldy-phooch-and-poo", which would have to be said in triplicate, they would be able to open the door to the secret cave located at the bottom of Hee-Haw Mountain. That is where they would find the super-sonic spaceship that would blast them off on a mission to the Moon...Dr. Grevis' secret hideaway. Over there, they would have to combine their superpowers to overcome, subdue and eventually defeat the Evil Grevis and transport him, hanging upside down, back to Earth, where he would be lasered into a high-security prison.

Admist all this action, there were lots of tears and high-drama. A stop-over on Dinosaur Planet had our Superheroes defeating the Evil T-Rex Lizard King and making friends with the Spinosaurs and Brontosaurasuses. The Black Power Ranger and Marty the Eon Kid both died, once each, and had to be revived by the magical ministrations of the Supreme General. They energized themselves at the Fountain of Power and were ready to move onto Mars where Dr. Grevis had transported himself.

But eventually, all Superheroes have to answer to a much higher authority named 'Mom'.

It's 8.30 and my two favourite Superheroes are dreaming of their next super adventure.

After all, even Superheroes need their sleep.

Monday, April 13, 2009

And After Potty-Training

All of us moms (and many dads too) and I mean all of us, puff up with pride when our little ones look into our eyes with a certain expression on their face and manage to say "potty" before pooping their pants dirty.

We break into cheers when they finally learn to put 'two and two togther', that is to say, depositing the stuff in the toilet bowl where it rightfully belongs. Our teaching is successful and as parents we can start dispensing 'potty training advice'.

And we think 'potty training' has come to an end!

Sadly, no. There is something far worse and icky and a bit gross in store.

Teaching them to clean the place from where it comes.

'Big School' for the EO starts on Thursday. 'Bum washing' training started today.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

M4 is wondering why...

marriage doesn't come with a standard set of computerised compatibility tests...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Where The Heart Is

A cottage in the hills
is what I want,
where my sons
can breathe
and live free.
Red cheeks
a-glow with life
and laughter
mirroring the apple orchards
in bloom.
We can follow
trails through the jungles
and see where brooks
lead us,
maybe discovering
a waterfall,
a picnic spot
or two.

Or build me a
shanty on the beach;
water-baby that I am.
Let me see my sons swim
like slippery little seals
and full of the joy
of dolphins
as they splash about in water,
and healthy.
After a while
I shall forget
about the loss of my fair skin
and just learn to
live life tanned,
and in sarongs.

Or a flat
in the city
with bright lights
and noise.
We'll deal with the traffic
and smoke.
But there are
galleries to explore,
movies to see
and so much food
to try.
Our boys
will learn to live,
and succeed.

Build me a house
where ever you please,
but make it a home
with me.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Super Sunday

That great Saturday was followed by an absolutely spectacular Sunday!
It started off on a sweet note. Remember those pastries and savouries we'd bought for all the kids on Saturdy evening? Well, EO and the Nephew decided to keep their pineapple pastries for the next morning. The YO had his as soon as we entered the house.
Come Sunday morning, the Nephew and EO are playing together and I've sent YO to play with the Niece. I gave the two big boys their pastries and they sat down to enjoy a nice leisurely pace, savouring every bite and having a pleasant conversation. The YO bursts in on the scene, unannounced and starts throwing a tantrum, I quickly distract him with a chocolate and toys and settle down at my comp to try and get some writing done. I also tell the two elder boys to hurry up with their pastries since their little brother was crying, but he had already finished his the evening before. A few seconds later, I saw a blue T-shirt slowly passing by in front of me. There he was, my elder son, precariously balancing on a spoon, a chuck of cake for his younger brother and calling out to him as sweetly as possible, "YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" A few seconds later and the Nephew follows suit bearing his bit for the YO.
Teary eyed so early in the morning! I could tell that the rest of the day was going to be good! :)
We were invited to the inauguration of a new slide in the water park section of Nicco Park (West Bengal's very brave attempt at a entertainment park with rides and slides and carousels and food stalls and...). The MIM and I were actually considering giving it a miss.
BOY AM I GLAD WE WENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was brilliant! And I hate the sun and heat, but I was SOOOOOOOOOOO happy!
I am an absolute water baby and love trying out adventurous rides and stuff. Not stuff that spins you around and round like a top...those just make me sick, but I am always game for scary rides, water rides, roller coasters, the Ferris wheel...anything, you name it!
Well, I really don't know how to describe those rides here, but just trust me when I say the experience was brilliantly thrilling!
And something that everyone should experience!
Planning another trip with friends and their kids as well. Should be a blast!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Saturday Sum-up

Saturday morning, took my EO and the Nephew for a haircut. Now, personality-wise, these two little buys are absolute opposites of each other. The Nephew is smart, brave, sombre and takes his time to get to know people and open up. My EO is smart, sensitive, friendly and the biggest chatterbox that ever lived. So while they we're getting their haircuts, the reactions from the two corners of the salon were diametric opposites. From one corner, there wasn't even so much as an 'Ow!', where as from the other corner, there was a non-stop ramble of estimated amount of time for haircut, ears hurting, nose itching, family member, toys...phew! I got exhausted just listening to them. After they were done, they were both given some toffees and I asked them to sit inside, not run amok, eat the toffees and wait while I got my eyebrows done. So there I was, eyes closed, fingers holding eyelid firmly in place, enduring one of the fortnightly tortures of womanhood, but I could, of course, hear the EO's loud tones drifting my way. The beauticians who were sitting around, decided to entertain themselves by chatting with the two shorn spring chickens. The Nephew was monosyllabic at best, but that didn't matter much since the EO jabbered enough for the whole khaandaan.

Now, the EO loves to tell the whole world and her sister that the Nephew is his 'boro dada' (big elder brother) and goes around introducing him as such too. Now, this must have come up in the conversation and one of the ladies must have asked him something about the 'younger brother at home' (this is my regular salon; they know me, my MIL and SIL here well). So my boy, my chirpy little chatterbox goes on to explain helpfully, "O aamaar maa-yer chchele noi." (He is not my mother's son).

I am lucky my eyebrows aren't messed up.
Took the EO and the Nephew to South City for a while, where I dumped them in the play area for an hour, while I took Maa-Janoni a Mamu of mine for a quick shopping trip. Have you guys tried a warm, fat chewey choco-chip cookie from CookieMan? Oh please to do so! You have no idea what kind of heaven you are denying yourself! I promise that it will be a regular feature of all my trips to South City from now on!
After I picked the boys up from Timbuktu (no, seriously, that's what the place is called :) !!), I took them to Starmark where they both pounced upon a rubbery snake! Being in a particularly softy mood, I bought one each for the two of them. The snake impersonations started immediately!
We came back home and found that BIL-ly Boy and SIL had returned from the Big School with the boys' books! What a huge mountain of...!!! Our boys have to take this stuff to school! Won't their backs break! Then the SIL and I started going through their text books. I am afraid, so very, VERY afraid! Not so much for my son, but for ME!!! My peaceful evenings are going to change sooner than I want them too!

The MIM and I took our boys and the Nephew out for an eventful, Saturday evening drive. We went to the maidan for a tonga ride. A tonga came upto us and stopped and while we were clambouring on, one of the horses chose that precise moment to relieve itself...much to the fascination and amusement of three very curious little boys. Sigh! I knew what lay in store for me! Susu comparisons and susu-laden conversations!
There was a pleasant breeze and I had the wonderful company of three of my most favourite boys in the world. (The MIM opted out of the tonga ride since he had to stay with the car). While the Nephew is silent around people in general, with his cousin, he's a different little boy altogether, matching my EO almost word for word. And the imaginary world of children is such a fantastic place. Whenever their imagination comes to the fore, I take a backseat and just enjoy the priveledge of being allowed a glimpse and at times, even an entry into their special worlds. They pointed to various clumps of trees and dubbed them 'forests', spoke about 'driving helicopters' and defeating the fire-breathing dragons that dwelled there and described other such heroic activities. What a memorable ride!
After that, the EO and the Nephew went for a horse ride. The MIM started by trotting off after them at first, but when the horses broke first into a canter and then a gallop, he wisely decided to come and stand next to the YO and me, and enjoy the view. The Maidan is really a gorgeous place. My favourite part is the dancing water fountain. Watching it never fails to lift my spirits. It's no wonder that this part of the city is referred to as "Kolkata's Lungs". So whenever I read about certain ministers in the state government wanting to take over it, it fills my heart with fear and dread! May it never, EVER happen.
My thoughts were suddenly broken by the loud, joyous laughter of my EO. The horses he and the Nephew were riding had broken into a fast gallop and they were revelling in it. After the ride, the horses cantered back to us and it was photo time. We put the YO in front of the EO and took snaps. The attendant said he could take both the boys together for a small round. The MIM got very nervous, but I didn't think it was a bad idea at all. So as the MIM started walking after them, yelling out instrucions (I married a hyper man, what to do?) I just stood there, enjoying the sight of my baby enjoying his first ever horse ride!
After ballooons had been bought, burst and lost, it was time for ice cream and a drive around Victoria Memorial. We stopped at Cakes and bought some yum pastries and savories for the family.

Quite a delicious Saturday, I must say!

Friday, April 3, 2009

The 100 Truths Tag

I had seen this tag doing the rounds on Facebook and I thought I had escaped it, but sigh! I thought too soon! The lovely Monika,Ansh caught me and tagged me...gently and sweetly!

The only thing about this tag is that you have to be truthful!

1. Last beverage: Lemonade. Or simply and aptly put, nimboo paani.
2. Last phone call: To Sunayna Roy of sunny days/
3. Last text message: same as above :)
4. Last song you listened to: "Haule Haule" from "Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi" on the radio.
5. Last time you cried: A few months ago. Fight night...scary one at that!

1. Dated someone twice: Yes.
2. Been cheated on? I think the clinically correct term is, 'screwed over'.
3. Kissed someone & regretted it? Sigh, yes. Kissing frogs and not finding princes and all that other jazz.
4. lost someone special? Yes...
5. Been depressed? Yes. Quite often. At times I wonder if I should seek counselling...

1. Maroon
2. Sunshine yellow.
3. Slimming black.
4. Emerald green.

1. Made new friends: I'd like to think so...
2. Fallen out of love: Yes, often and sometimes I still do...
3. Laughed until you cried: I think so...can't remember, though.
4. Met someone who changed you: Yes
5. Found out who your true friends were: Not yet. I know who some of them are, but am still getting hurt and let down by others.
6. Found out someone was talking about you: Yes. Not my fondest memories :(
7. Kissed anyone on your friend's list: Aaah! That would be telling! Ok, I'll tell...yes :)
8. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life: Qite a few, would love to know more!
9.How many kids do you want to have: 1 more...a daughter and only a daughter.
10. Do you have any pets: No. Always wanted a dog though.
11. Do you want to change your name: Used to, but not anymore.
12. What did you do for your last birthday: Had dinner at a Taj the Andamans!! :)
13. What time did you wake up today: First at 2.30 am, them at 5.30 am, then at 7.30 am and finally at 8.15am was out of bed.
14. What were you doing at midnight last night: watching the G-20 summit update on Times Now.
15. Name something you CANNOT wait for: A trip abroad! Getting a book published!
16. Last time you saw your father: Seeing him right now. Staying at mum and dads' right now.
17 What one thing you wish you could change about your life: The living situation.
19. Most visited webpage: My blog

1. What's your name: Uh, uh, uh...not here!
2. Nicknames: Babi, Jhumpa, Laali and a host of others
3. Zodiac sign: Aquarius
5. Male or female or transgendered: Last time I checked I was still female.
6. Elementary: P.S. 33 Queens, N.Y.
7. School: Mallya Aditi International School (but it was just 'Aditi' then)
8. Colleges: JNU, New Delhi
10.Hair colour: Naturally dark brown but fast becoming grey!
11. Long or short: longish
16. Height: 5'1"
7. Do you have a crush on someone? Yes...Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, Hrithik Roshan
18. Ever been in love? Sigh...yes!
19. Piercings? Two ear-holes on each ear
20. Tattoos? No...but maybe some day!
21. Righty or lefty: Righty.

22. First surgery: September 14, 2003...C-Sec
23. First piercing: Don't remember.
24.First best friends: Rohini and June in New York
25. First sport you loved: Gymnastics
27. First pet: Never had a pet...just an adopted street cat whom I had christened 'Shikaari', in my Nani's house
28. First vacation: I was a wee babe then!
29. First concert: A school play. I was happiest on stage.
30. First crush: In Class 5. Two of my classmates in America...they were so cute!

49. Eating: Lays salted chips...swiped a few from my EO and the Nephew.
50. Drinking: Nimboo Paani.
52. I'm about to: Go for a bath.
53. Listening to: The EO and the Nephew having a conversation.
55. Waiting for: Something magical to happen!

58. Want kids? Yes, but a daughter and ONLY a daughter.
59. Want to get married? Still sticking it out in the one I've gotten myself into!
60. Careers in mind? Drama/Creative Writing teacher for kids; portrait photpgrapher; novellist

68. Lips or eyes: The eyes...they say so much!
69. Hugs or kisses: Hugs...bone-crushing bear ones; gentle, hold-you-close-to-my-heart types and even half-hugs.
70. Shorter or taller: Tall.
71. Older or Younger: Match my mind-steps baby!
72. Romantic or spontaneous: Romantic, like he once used to be!
73. Nice stomach or nice arms: Nice stomach!
74. Sensitive or loud: Sensitive
75. Hook-up or relationship: relationship
76. Trouble maker or hesitant: If I had to choose, than hesitant

78. Kissed a stranger: Yes.
80. Lost glasses/contacts: Yes.
81Sex on first date: Noooooooooo.
82. Broken someone's heart: Not proud of it, but yes.
83. Had your own heart broken: Oh boy! Over and over again and again. Shows no signs of stopping either!
84. Been arrested: No...but nearly did.
86. Turned someone down: Yes.
87. Cried when someone died: Yes
88. Liked a friend that is a girl? Not THAT way!

89. Yourself: Not often enough, I'm afraid.
90. Miracles: Yes, absolutely! I gave birth to two!
91. Love at first sight: No. I thought I did, but then I discovered that it's actually lust at first sight.
92. Heaven: Oh yes.
93. Santa Clause: No :), but I love that my kids do!
95. Kiss on the first date? Depends on the guy...
96. Angels: Depends on my mood...

97. Is there one person you want to be with right now? Yes. A friend.
98. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? Yes.
100. Posting this as 100 Truths? Yes. :)

I tag anyone who wishes to do this. It's fun and great for when you feel like posting, but don't have a post idea.

The Little Shopping Trip

Who knew, that all it would take for my YO, my little baby boy, to break into a happy dance right there in the middle of the store, was a short 'Mamma-and-me' trip to the store where I let him choose a chocolate?

He stopped infront of the display and looked lovinly and longingly at the array of temptations spread out in front of him. He didn't touch. He just stared. I told him to choose one and he looked at me as if an alien had taken his Mamma's place, a kind old alien, but an alien nevertheless. He chose a Dairy Milk with Mickey Mouse's picture on it and he looked at me as if I had allowed him a glimpse of paradise. When I said he could choose another one, he looked at me as if I had given him paradise. He immediately pointed to a lollipop and it was while I was tearing along the perforated line, that he broke into a littel happy jig, totally reminiscent of the Birdie Dance/Chicken Dance, with arms a-flapping and legs a-stomping and butt a-wiggling!

I felt all my maternel bits and pieces melting and oozing out of me.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool, Go to School...

Edited to add a bit that I had forgotten...

The MIM leaves all things educational to me. He believes in spoiling our brats to the best of his ability and I must say, he does a damn good job. Occasionally, he will realise that his fatherly duties are not limited to buying our boys expensive cardboard boxes to play with while the toys collect dust in their room, and so he puts on the Teacher Cap and tries to teach them the things of life that most alpha males hold dear to their how not to fall off a cycle, how to field a punch, how to kick a football and how not to cry in public.

Today, the MIM decided to teach our EO about being a prankster. And before I could intervene, the damage was done.

"Mamma look, lion under the table!", "YO look, tiktiki (house lizard)!", "Baba, there's a snake on your head!" So as not to shatter his ego, I told the MIM to indulge the little imp his outrageousness. So each time he came up with something new, we pretended to look just to give him the grand, great joy of laughing maniacally and screaming "April Fool" complete with irritating song. The MIM left after two rounds, mumbling something about escaping to office. I, on the other hand, was cooped up with the little brat for the next eight hours.

Although I have to admit he really did get me once. We were sitting across from each other at the dining room table. I had given him some writing and maths work to do. He started to sharpen his pencil and I started to get livid. "EO! Not at the dining table! You know you're supposed to go to the dustbin and sharpen your pencils there!" My EO stopped what he was doing, made his big eyes even bigger and said,"Sorry Mamma. It has already fallen down to the ground." I groaned and proceeded to take a peek under the table when I was suddenly faced with a loud, high-pitched...

"APRIL FOOL/GO TO SCHOOL/TELL YOUR TEACHER/YOU'RE A BIG FAT FOOL!!" He was grinning stupidly, his eyes were shining joyously, my ears were throbbing achingly.

Never have I hated summer-term break more. Never have I been more thankful for karate class.

"April Fool/Go to school/Tell your teacher/You're a big fat fool." I heard this song at least 75 times today. Thanks to the MIM.

Next time sir, kindly keep your lessons to yourself.

And that includes sex ed.