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Monday, June 11, 2012

The Queen's Language and Some Questions

My YO, flibbertigibbet, will-o'-the-wisp and whirling dervish all rolled into one, is basically a very nice boy, if I do say so myself (touchwood and thoo-thoo-thoo). No, he really is nice.

He minds his p's & q's. Will say excuse me if he burps or wants my attention when I'm talking to someone. He'll always say "Bleshyu" if someone sneezes and expects the same in return, and will loudly procalim the fact that he has sneezed if none is forth-coming -- "Excuse me, but I jusht did hein-cho" (the kiddie, Bengali way of saying 'sneezed').

His sense of manners and politeness have provided us all with many merry moments of mirth. Here are two recent samples.

1) I told him to practice his hand-writing and set him some work. He put his book down on the floor, lay down on his stomach and started writing. I told him his hand-writing would never improve if he wrote like that and asked him to sit at the table. There was a book on said table which took up a considerable amount of space and both his hands being full he looked up at me and sweetly asked, "May you please move this book Mamma?"

2) So we went to Saturday Club for a swim yesterday. Afterwards, we sat in the gardens and tea and refreshments. There were some young boys playing catch and when the ball rolled towards us, the YO quickly grabbed it and handed it over to the little boy who came running. I was looking intently at my son, expecting him ti ask me if he could go and join the boys since he loves playing so much, but instead he saw me, smiled, and asked, "I am a friendly boy, naa? Friendly and helpless." The EO choked on his ice-scream while I laughed so hard I scared away the crows nearby.

And speaking of adorable questions, this morning he came up with a chicken & egg type, of his own; Mamma, first when humans were born, how did they come from no mothers?" After thanking my stars that the question in question wasn't of the birds & bees variety, I decided to 'go ape' and tell him a bit about evolution. He was fascinated...not entirely convinced, but fascinated :-)