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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kricket Krazy Kid!

It feels kind of appropriate that this happened today. After all, today is India's first match of the tournament in the 2011 World Cup. They're playing Bangladesh.

The the EO, The Nephew and three of their friends from the neighbourhood have been going to cricket classes for over a year now. They stopped in the summer months and started again after the Puja break.

Now ever since they started again, the YO has been pleading with me to let him join his brothers. It's no secret that out of all the boys in the family as well as the EO's friends, my little runt of a YO is the one with the sporting talent. The EO is not a sports fan at all; he's all about music and acting and the stage. The Nephew is a brain, but he LOVES playing cricket and tries very hard. He can play for hours! The EO? Nope, he'd rather read books.

But it's the little guy with the the naughty smile who will stand at the pitch in a perfect stance with his bat at the ready like a junior Tendulkar. It's the skinny kid with big ears and sparkling eyes who will tackle the big boys and manoeuvre the ball away from them with the speed and finesse of a young Messi.

So finally, finally, after months of putting it off, I let the YO go to cricket class to watch his elder brothers in action. The coach invited him to join the game and he was stumped! "Where have you been?" he exclaimed.

Don't worry, Sir. He's here now.