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Mother, writer and daydreamer. Also chocoholic and chick-flick lover. But mainly mommy. To two boys, at that! When not escorting my Elder One (EO) to karate class, I'm trying to get in as many cuddles as possible from my Younger One (YO). And when not doing either, I'm hard-at-work trying to maintain a steady relationship with my laptop. And as for the Man I Married (MIM), well, let’s just put it this way – even though we share a bedroom, our most meaningful conversations are held over the cell-phone!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

February Faves

February 6th, 2013:

So the boys were picking me up after my theatre workshop at the studio today and were siting in the car, waiting patiently for me. The moment I cam into view, one of them started blowing an endless stream of kisses my way while the other started jumping up and down, screaming, "Mamma! Mamma! Mammaaaa!!!..."

Man! They make me feel like a rockstar!

February 22nd, 2013:

My EO, is reading Hamlet! HAMLET! That's right, my nine-year-old son is reading William Shakespeare's "Hamlet"! Granted that it's an abridged, study version, but the thing is, he saw it on my MIL's study table, picked it up, made himself comfortable and started reading it, thoroughly engrossed!

You bet I'm kicked!