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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


So we got a dog. Six months ago. A golden retriever and we named him Puppito.

So we got a dog. Six months ago. A golden retriever and we named him Puppito.

Ok, ok. I named him Puppito...I was just trying to be clever. My YO scratched his head and asked me, seriously, "Sho dujj that mean that we have to call him Doggito when he becomes big?"

Anyway. We got a dog.

And I'm not happy.

You know how some people like other people's kids? Yeah, well, I'm the person who likes other people's dogs.

Anyway, I was outvoted and now we have a dog.

He's quite a cute critter, I have to admit, but I think he would have been just doggone fabulously handsome on the Internet and had me going 'Awwww' at his pics. But, as he lives, pees, poops and pukes in my house, on my carpets and chews up my new shoes, the 'Awwww's are very few and far between.

I've had many 'Awwww' moments vis-a-vis the boys though, thanks to him. One which happened quite recently in fact. 

On the way back home from a birthday party a few evenings ago:-
YO: Mamma, Puppito's O+, right?
EO: No he's not! He's AB+ or something else. Not O+.
M4: How on earth would you know this?
EO: No...I just think so...
YO: (after a few seconds pause) You see, I put my one hand on his heart and my the other hand on my heart, see? And then I heard, dhak-dhak, dhak-dhak... It was happening at the same time, and so that's how I know!
EO: Noooo! Dogs are not the same as us...they have a heart and blood vessels and blood just like us, but their bone marrow is different. Right, mamma?
M4: Errrmmm, uhhhh...