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Friday, May 11, 2012

Sing a Song of Me

Maybe I'll paint my nails today.
Or go to the salon for some pampering.
Maybe I'll wear a sari today,
with silver jewelry
and line my eyes
with kohl
and laughter.
Or maybe I'll just stay in my pj's
the whole day
with clouds of perfume
dancing above my head.

I'll probably buy some chocolate
just for me
and eat it up whole --
every last smudge of it
and that too
licking off the melty bits from the
shiny foil.
Maybe it'll be Lindt.
Or Guylian.
Whichever one it is,
I'll do it guilt-free.

Perhaps I'll let the whole day slide away,
from one frame to the next,
minute by minute,
second by moment,
and I'll just let the ironed clothes be,
leave the books open,
and not care if the wet towel's on the bed.
As usual.

I won't care.
I won't.
I refuse to.

Maybe I'll write poetry today.
Or read some at least.
Buy a book.
Or three.

I'll stand in front of the mirror,
and accept myself
and my body.

My body,
with gravity-loving breasts,
dimpled cheeks
(of the derriere),
those blasted hate-handles
and that big mound
of quivering,
jelly-like lard
and NOT
mourn the decade past,
when I was younger
and definitely beautiful,
but just didn't have the wisdom to see it,
own it
and know it to be true.


Swaram said...

Loved it :)

Sugar said...

bit late to comment, but loved it :)

Unknown said...

You could well be talking about me !

KC said...

Good one. Very touching!