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Saturday, December 3, 2011


"Mamma, we're aching to watch this movie!"

"Don't worry mamma, I'm not that gullible."

"The birthday party was block-buster! Maha epic, it was!"

"I'm such a clutz, naa mamma?"

"Ok, ok, enough! I said cut it out!"

"I'm trying to control my expressions, but I'm feeling humiliated."

"Oh gross! That is too revolting for words!"

"Mamma, please! I'm exhausted!"

"See, see? He's being so obnoxious!"

Yes, these are actual phrases said by my son over the past one year. In other words, in the 7 - 8 year-old phase of his life. Out of the mouths of (slightly older) babes and all that jazz.

But seriously, this is what happens when you make a book-worm out of your child. They try and use the words and phrases that they read as part of their normal conversation.

Of course, the flip-side is that they try and use EVERYTHING they read such as "You're such a poo-poo head!" or "Your brain is like mouldy Swiss cheese!", the usual recipients being cousins and younger brothers -- in which case you want to whack him one on the butt (while secretly laughing inside!)


Sugar said...

Heheh :) I remember doing this too :) but instead of the adulation I expected, either I got whacked by my mom or never understood by the recipient of my complicated English :)
Post often :)

Swaram said...

Ha ha ha! I luv the EO. WTG :)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

@Sugar: Hehehe! Really? Remember any of the things you might have said?

@Swaram: You know, sometimes I worry that people might think he's showing off, but I'm happy he's trying to use the new words.

Pratishtha Durga said...

I remember getting those looks when I was a bookworm as a kid. Remember asking some questions which at that time seemed epic enough.

Monika said...

hehehe :) quite entertaining he is :)& actually need some book suggestions from you for Ansh...Santa is going to gift him some books this time :)

My Zoe's Mum said...

This is so funny...

Now I know why did my Mom look at me in a weird way when I was young... It's funny how our kids surprise us everyday...