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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys and Thus Give Their Moms Heart Attacks

Children. They're supposed to keep one young.

At least that's what I'd heard.

Mine seen hell-bent on running me old and ragged.

Once again, due to the antics of a certain almost-eight-year-old, I have aged considerably over the past few hours.

Well, to be fair, it wasn't really his fault. It happened at school and it was a total accident. He was watching a Beyblade match when his cousin ran over, wanting to show him something and excitedly yanked him by the collar. My boy tripped over the tangle of feet underfoot, tried to maintain balance, failed and smacked his forehead on the cement flooring -- leaving a big, deep gash half-an-inch above his eye.

The Nephew was absolutely horrified and traumatised. It was SIL's day to pick up the boys and by the time she went, she found her nephew missing and her son an incoherent, blubbering mess who just kept repeating his cousin's name and showing his mother his bloody handkerchief with which he had tried to mop up the blood.

She called me from the car and I fell off my chair. I called the MIM and he rushed home. We waited for the SIL's call to tell us she was close to the hospital near our home and we rushed there.

It was the Nephew who was a mess; the poor boy's face was red and his eyes were swollen from crying non-stop. And the EO? What can I say? He was a trooper. Still jabbering away, nineteen-to-the-dozen, giving us a full action replay as to what happened along with running commentary. When he heard that he needed stitches, well, that's when the cookie crumbled. Having been the recipient of four stitches on the sole of his foot a couple of years ago, he absolutely had no desire to go through the experience again. I didn't either, of course.

But, go through it he did. There were tears and screams while half his eyebrow was being shaved off, while the anasthesia was being injected around the wound and of course when he got a glimpse of the curved needle and thread. But when the actual stitching started and he realised that he couldn't feel a thing, he was back to his normal, chatty self.

Sigh. He's been in perfectly good humour since he's come back. He's enjoying the attention and the cuddles. He's fast asleep now and I've promised to bring him into my bed tonight.

He's fast asleep.

Me. I'm greyer and wrinklier than I woke up this morning.


Prerna said...

Phew! I think I turned a bit greyer just reading this! Glad to know EO is better, and hope your nephew is too! And a big hug to you for being so brave!

noon said...

Thank God Thank God Thank God!!! I totally totally feel the pain you went through. I have gone through this three times now between the two kids aside from the planned surgery for KB's mole. Most recent one being KG right on her b'day with a gash on her head blood pouring out...God seriously they age us. My only feeling these days is - fine at least it is only a small scar. Thank you God for sparing me thus! I am deep down always scared...and these drama kids sometimes scream so loudly when I am taking a super quick shower I get a heart attack in there - if they are OK or if they are hurt...I usually try to shower before B leaves or after he gets back just for that reason...
I am so relieved that he is OK. Hugs to EO! And to you!

starry eyed said...

We go thru these ER visits once a year on the dot.

Poor lil' boys....glad it could be stitched up for EO and hope the nephew is now ok...hugs to you all!!

R's Mom said...

Hugs hugs! Thank God everything was fine...Salutes to EO and hugs to the nephew :)

Swaram said...

Glad everything is fine nw! EO is one brave boy! Hugs to u!

Rohini said...

Shall echo the collective phew. Glad he's okay. It's not just the boys though. My supposedly sensible girl child dived head first off the bed yesterday and has a HUGE bump on her head :(

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

@ Prerna: Thank you for the much needed hug!

@ noon: It's this fear which gets to me noonie, you know. I can't keep them hidden away and locked up like Rapunzel because of my fear now, can I? And yet, there's a part of me that's always on Worry Wart mode. Sigh...

@ Starry Eyed: Hate these ER visits! And thanks for the hugs!

@ R's Mom: Thank you, my dear!

@ Swaram: Now the regular dressings until the stitches are cut open. Thanks for the much needed hugs!

@ Ro: OMG!! Is she okay?!? Hugs to you both!! These kids should come with built-in helmets and protective padding!

Rohini said...

Yeah, she bawled for five minutes and then asked for some 'chockett;. Little minx!

dipali said...

They do all this only to trouble us!!!! I'm sure of it. My youngest one is riding a mobike now. I need to be very brave and calm about it.