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Friday, July 15, 2011

"The End Is Here"

So are any of you as goose-bumpy with anticipation as I am? Have you booked your tickets? Have you been watching the earlier movies or poring over the books once again so that you go into the darkened theatre ready for the Final Battle?

I'm so excited, I can hardly sit still! There are these bubbles of excitement travelling up and down my throat and I feel tingly all over! I last felt this excited about something when the seventh installment of the book was ready to come out.

My, what a journey it's been. Fourteen years of the books and a decade of the movies. And tonight, I go to bid farewell to the boy wizard who made me wish I was 17 again. Tonight, I prepare to say auf weidersehen to the three musketeers of the wizarding world who made me believe again in magic and fairy tales and friendship ever-lasting.

Is it over? Is it really, really over?

I've been asking myself since the beginning of this week.

And as I sit down with the seventh book once again, to prepare myself for the cinematic spectacle tonight, I see my EO, my seven-year-old boy, settle down next to me with the first book. From the corner of my eye, I watch him get drawn deeper and deeper into the magnificent world created that still holds me enthralled.

And that's when I realise, it's not over. And it never can be. The enchantment will just keep passing from generation to generation.

The Boy Who Lived will live on...


R's Mom said...

Yayayyaya! super excited..but I havent watched a single movie yet...I somehow felt that the movies may not be able to do justice to the recommend to watch the movies?

Sweet go for book 7 and EO goes for book 1, awwww!I wish 6-7 years down the line, I say the same for R and me :)

starry eyed said...

I've been chewing over it for months, over whether I should take 9 yr old daughter who is a bit of a darpok, and has just finished the first book (held ack by me, coz I think the progressive 'darkness' is too much for her)...and have finally decided to take her along, at the risk of having her know what happens in the end....but I can't not let her see HP on the full-screen, goosebumps and all!!!

So jealous....tell us how it was! I can't go for 2 tests and other stuff happening this and next weekend too. Enjoy!

Arundhati said...

Picturing you and EO... brings a smile :)

I haven't watched any of the movies yet, same reason as R's mom. Did catch a few minutes on tv and I think I quite like the movie version for once! Hoping to catch THE movie next week.

Have fun!

noon said...

I loved the way you wrote this...conveys your excitement.

Unknown said...

:) I am waiting for my little girl to grow up and show interest. Curiously, each time I watch any of the movies, she sits absolutely still in my lap, leans on to me and watches with me. For 15 minutes and then she's off crawling! But it's a start.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

R's Mom: Oh, the books are far superior to the movies in every which way. I like watching the movies because I just can't get enough of Hogwarts!

@Starry Eyed: I've been wondering the same about my seven-year-old. He's just seen up to movie number 4, but of course he knows what happens because we keep talking about it. Having seen this installment, I think he's okay enough to handle it so I just might take him. Let's see...

Arundhati: Did ya see it? Did ya go?

noon: Oh I was terribly excited! Review coming up soon :-)

JB: You bet it's a start! Read your review, btw, and agree with lots of it. Will be putting up mine soon -- comp misbehaving :-(