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Monday, November 29, 2010

Sex Ed 101

EO: Mamma, if a boy golden retriever marries a girl dalamayshun, then can they have babies?

M4 (anticipating question about mixed-breeds and hybrids) : Yes babu.

EO: Can the boy dog also have babies?

M4 (realising it was straying closer to sex ed territory): Errr, no...

EO: Then in Lady and the Tramp, how come Lady has babies who look like Tramp?

M4 (wondering how to explain genetics to a 7-yr-old): That's because Tramp is their father naa? Don't babies look like their parents?

Silence from the other side of the wall (he was in his room reading and contemplating while I was in the sitting room). No further questions. Satisfied with my answers, my son continues reading, while I heave a sigh of relief that the questions-that-could-have-been-but-weren't, did not crop up.

Safe...for now. But how much longer? *shudders at the mere possibility*


Swaram said...

Am waiting to read hw u tackle other qs ;) They will surely be there rt :P

wordjunkie said...

Shuddering right with you! I go through these question answer sessions too, and it's always nerve wracking!

Aneela Z said...

and that is why I say Disney is subversive and corrupting our children's minds, Im sure nothing NOTHING happens in umm errr err, well children should just NOT read.

R's Mom said...

Ditto Swaram..wonder how you will tackle other qs ;)

Rohini said...

*watches this space intently for some gyaan on what to do when her time comes*


Anonymous said... start bying books with illustation on birds n bees.

Sparkling said...


Oh you just worry about nothing! :D

P.S: Beware, he's one curiously observant boy! hahahaha

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

@ Swaram: Truthfully speaking, there have been others, but like the Bong mum that I am, my memory's blocked them out!

@ WJ: HEY!!!!!!!!! Nice to see you here after such a long time :-) So, how d'you tackle them?

@ Aneela: Yup, what with Arabian princesses prancing about in bras and harem pants, and teenage Mermaids looking like Barbie with Double-D implants, Disney's got a lot to answer for!! (but still a huge fan!)

@ R's Mom: Will share, worry not!

@ Rohini: You're next, I can feel it in my bones!! ;-p

@ Anon: Illustrations? *faints*

@ Sparkling: Sigh..that, I do and that, he is :-)

Anonymous said...

birds and bees started eh? :P