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Monday, October 11, 2010

By The Water Cooler

Presenting...(drum-roll please...)

Parul Sharma's new book, "By The Water Cooler"!!

Ok, you all know the delightful blogger of the delightful blog formerly known as "Bringing Up Adi", but which has now been rechristened as the delightful "Radio Parul". I love her and her blog because she's witty, pretty, funny, loves star-gazing and writing about it, has an Adi, a Ragini, writes the most beautiful letters on the planet and because she's utterly delightful!

We all read and loved her first book, "Bringing up Vasu -- That First Year" and have been waiting ever since for book two. Well thankfully, the wait is about to end because it's coming, it's coming, her second offering will arrive shortly in just a few days! (*Tries to launch herself in a click-heels dance*)

Set out the wandering minstrels and harken unto all who shall hear, that the lovely Ms. Sharma has also organised a contest! And we all love those, don't we? I certainly do and because I do, I am putting in my entry right here, right now!

Contest Entry:
I started my career in the FMCG sector. I was the Branch Sales and Training Executive for the international cosmetics brand 'AVON -- The Company for Women', in Bangalore.
During my 18 month stint in the company, I saw two other branches being set up in South India, one in Madras and the other in Hyderabad. I got very pally with the two girls in my position in those cities.
One morning, we get a call from the Hyderabadi BSTE. She's in tears. She was working late at the office, when the phone rang. She picked up the phone and cheerily answered, "Hello, this is AVON, how may I help you?"
The male voice at the other end said, "Aaah yes. This is AVON right? The Company for Women?"
"That's right," our effervescent BSTE replied. "What can I do for you, sir?"
The voice continued, "I just wanted to know how much you charge for your women..."
Our dear BSTE banged the phone down, locked up the office in a jiffy and high-tailed it home! By the time she finished narrating her tale, we were sharing in her tears too...tears of laughter!

So end's my little true story. Got funnier stuff to regale the blog-world with. Well then, you know where to go. Click here for contest details. Put it up on your blogs...PLEASE. And tell everyone you know about it. And most of all, get ready to buy the book!!!

It promises to be more than just delightful. It promises to be hilarious!! And we can all do with more laughter in our lives, right? Right!!


Swaram said...

Ha ha ha! Stupid man!

dipali said...

Too good!!!!

rauf said...

is this company for women ?

yes yes madam, i provide company for women.

what are your charges ?

if you want company Madam,
i charge only 500 rupees an hour. i charge less because i am dreadfully ugly. 100 rupees more if you ask me to sing and i am not responsible for the consequences.
Your neighbours may throw stones at your windows. i am not a doctor and i can't offer you any medicines for head aches.

i charge 300 additional if you ask me to dance. i am not responsible for any damage to your furniture.
You have to pay if your furniture causes any damage to me.

additional 200 rupees if you ask me to repair any electronic gadget. 100 rupees more if you offer any suggestions.

in case of fire i will save my life first. Don't expect any gallantry. By the way causing fire is free i don't charge for it.

You have to give me food only on banana leaf. This is for your own safety madam. i start flinging plates and dishes if i don't like the food and banana leaf doesn't cause much damage. i have to add 200 rupees for eating any experimental recipe cooked by you.

i charge 50 rupees for listening to your jokes (50 for each joke) and 100 rupees for each advise you give.

i am a good listener. i can listen to your lecture but not poetry. 50 rupees for 5 minutes. Please note that charges for listening to words of wisdom and lectures go by minutes.

rauf said...

Seriously, please don't touch my link. My blog is pretty offensive.
Better stay away from my blog. This is a request.