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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Big Sentences and Little Boys

The YO has been fluent in Bangla for a very long time. Even though he started talking 'late' (and here the yardstick is the Niece who is older to him by seven days and against whom we couldn't help but measure his progress since we live together), he can hold his own rather well in a conversation/fight/discussion.

However, that being said, he still manages to stop me in my tracks by the things that he says.

I was having dinner, a light, home-made, chicken biriyani and he asked me what I was eating. Now table manners being of utmost importance to me and my mouth being full, I didn't answer back, so he helpfully asked me leading questions; "Chicken?" he asked and I nodded my head vigourously in the affirmative. I then gulped my food down and asked him, with much hope, "Tumi khaabey?" (Do you want some?)

And my little boy uttered, in the clearest tones and with the most perfect pronunciation ever, the longest sentence of his whole life, "Na! Aami chicken bhaalobaashi naa karon aamaar chicken jhaal laagey." (No. I don't like chicken because I find it too spicy.)

And while I'm not gonna focus on the fact that he doesn't love chicken, (Really YO? Did you not get any of my good genes at all?...there, end of non-focusing), I'm celebrating my son's first ever longer-than-him-sentence, complete with reason and logic! Phew!


Annie said...

Bangla, sounds so melodic...

Anonymous said...

Awww!! I loved the helpful leading questions :) They know how to carry on a dialogue!!

I remember asking my kids not to ask me anything while I was on the phone, so they came up with written requests like asking, "Can we watch TV? Lift right hand for YES, left hand for NO. "

Passionate Goof said...

Oh! Chicken jhaal ki?taahole ki khaabe, maachh??? Oh! I can so imagine your joy and pride at that sentence.

Sparkling said...


The little genius!
Did you also notice his cool reasoning skills?! :D

Did I tell you before how much I love the language? Oh yeah! I guess I did! It just does not fail.

P.S: Please kiss him for me :)

Mama - Mia said...

awwwww! the cuteness of it all, innit?! :)

you keep talking dear l'il guy! :)



Monika said...

awww so sweet

Amrita said...

Let me add to the awwwww! chorus. Get him some honey roasted chicken, poor baby!

dipali said...

Ohmigod: He's that grown up now!!!!