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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Music to Touch my Soul

Some of my most magical memories involving the EO, the ones that make my heart sing like a songbird, have 'music' as an integral theme.

Now good music can make me oblivious to my surroundings. A haunting melody can have me slowly drowning within its intrinsic beauty, like a marble in molasses. A peppy tune can have my insides dancing to its earthiness and richness of rhythm. And songs with deep meaning and soul-wrenching lyrics are my undoing. They unravel me, slowly, sensuously, pain-stakingly, like a single silk thread from a heavy Kanjeevaram saree.

That is why, it is one of my greatest joys to watch the EO develop a taste and fine ear for music. It thrills me no end when he listens to some of my favourite tunes, entranced, enraptured, engaged.

I remember how one day, I was listening to one of my most favourite songs, 'Slipping Through My Fingers' (originally by ABBA, but I was listening to the 'Mamma Mia' version). I was lying down on my bed, my eyes closed, silently mouthing the words, feeling the feeling and floating away somewhere else. I suddenly felt a presence next to me and I opened my eyes to see my EO lying down next to me, not looking at me, his eyes telling me that he was drowning deep in the song as well. I watched his angelic face as he took it all in. What was his understanding of this song that seemed to echo my soul's thoughts about watching my babies grow up? Did he feel the intense maternal love dripping from the song? Could he connect it in any way to how I felt about him? And then, when the song finished playing, he looked at me and said, "Mamma, please play the song again." I happily did so...again and again.

I adore Rabindrasangeet. It is one type of music that can define me. The EO has discovered the beauty of a particular favourite of mine, 'Aaj Jyotsna Raate'. Maa-Janoni was singing it to him one day while telling him a story and he fell for it like a ton of bricks. And now that he knows that I know it too, I have to sing it for him on demand. As a result, he's picked up most of the song.

It really is a gorgeous feeling to listen to him sing when he thinks that no one is listening. I stop whatever it is I'm doing and drink in the sight, sound and sensation. For me, the bliss of these musical moments is akin to religious ecstasy.

That's because a perfect musical moment always and unfailingly helps me remember the Divine. And to watch my son take part in this type of worship is no less than exhilarating.
Of course, no musical memory is complete without its set of funnies.

So while on the one hand I have a son who is trying earnestly to perfect, "Aaj jyotsna raate, shobai gechchey bon-ey. Bosonter-ei maataal shomiron-ey..."

On the other hand, I have another son who is singing, "Aaj jyotsna raate shobai gechchey bon-ey. Bosonter maathaa khaaraap hoyey gechchey..."

I don't even know how to begin to translate this! But trust me, it's hilarious!
My Bengali-speaking blog friends are welcome to try ;)


Sparkling said...

' a single silk thread from a heavy Kanjeevaram saree.' - Man! that is some unraveling! I can just imagine how liberated you must be feeling after that song ends :p

I love the way you write M4, I seriously do!

I can't quite figure it but the last line in Bengali does sound hilarious! YO is oh so cool! :D

Indyeah said...

That's because a perfect musical moment always and unfailingly helps me remember the Divine. And to watch my son take part in this type of worship is no less than exhilarating.
you have said it beautifully and if one is fortunate one's little ones too come to understand this divinity as they grow older...

as for the last part? :D:D I am trying to roll the words around on my tongue :D:D they taste delicious.. dont know what they mean though :D

Piper .. said...

hee hee!! bosonto`r aaj matha kharap hoye geche??!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :):)

I love rabindra sangeet too.

Annie said...

Thanks for the wonderful read...I look forward to having kids even more so... and I totally hear you on that account. It was sheer joy when my younger cousins totally skipped their pop phases and were fluent in Aerosmith, The doors, Bob dylan and DefLeppard by the time they started school... Seeing that is almost surreal.

and I loved the aj jyotsna youtube vid..I tried to look for a mp3 but couldnt find it. Any ideas, where to look? ..