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Friday, June 26, 2009


Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!! In screechy Janice-in-labour type nasal tones at that!!

I've just acquainted myself with the 16 men vying to be Mr. Rakhi Sawant and I must confess my funny-bone hasn't had a laugh like this in years!

These said worthies have hippy-hippy-shaked themselves from all over; from Jammu & Kashmir and even all the way from Canada. The age range is an incredible just-weaned-off-my-mummy's-breast 21 years-old to mature-enough-to-not-need-mummy's-permission 33 years-old.

And you won't believe what some of them have had to say!!!!

Ashwin Chaudhuri admits his mom isn't actually dancing with joy at the prospect of having a DIL who dances in skimpy clothes. So our dear little Ashwin says, "I wouldn't allow Rakhi to do item numbers in future, as this would affect the reputation of my family." Erm, Rakhi, did you screen these? Or is his promise to keep you forever happy good enough for you to overlook that exceedingly MCP statement?

And then we have dear little Raman Handa, a Vaastu consultant and astrologer. He believes that "she is only one who can bring about a revolution in this world." Sorry! I think I just snorted my dinner out through my nose!! I wonder if this is what Mr. Handa's stars have revealed to him?!? If so, then he must come from a galaxy far, far away!!

Don't judge me you guys, but if this is anything to go by, I think I'm going to give this show a try!


Monika said...

When is this aired? Sounds incredible!!

Anonymous said...

ha ha the very thought repulsed me but the way u have put may be we can indeed give it a try

Mystic Margarita said...

Really? There is a show where men vie with each other to marry Rakhi Sawant? **goes off to bang her head against the wall**

Nikita said...

Going by your post, it seems like this show is incredibly funny. I MUST watch.