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Friday, January 9, 2009

I Feel Woozy...

I think the MIM and I went out for a movie last night.
I think another couple was there.
I think the movie was 'Australia'.
I think there was cheese popcorn invloved.
I think it was good. Yes, the movie too.
I think it was a teeny-tiny tad too long, epic movie notwithstanding.

I KNOW I am jealous of a certain Ms. Deborra Lee-Furness.
I SOOOOOOO KNOW why Hugh Jackman is the sexiest man alive.

Hugh, baby, you can drove me into Faraway Whereever-the-hell-you'll-have-me whenever you want!!


Monika said...

Hey, now I want to see this movie & I no one to go with coz Abhi won't go!! :(
Cheese popcorn is so yummy. I love it!

Mama - Mia said...

oh! i have been hearting about this Jackman from many drooling and swooning woman!

perhaps the only reason to watch this movie considering Lurhmans last movie bored me to tears! :p



wordjunkie said...

Hey M4: One more thing we have in common - getting weak-kneed over Hugh!