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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This Sunday's Report on Fears, Tears, Smears and Smiles

Some time back, when I started writing regularly for my blog, I wondered if I'd ever run out of things to talk/write about. The Powers That Are, are definitelylaughing hard at this one, considering that my blog is facing a backlog. I think there's got to be some irony at the rhyme and same letters of these two words, but it eludes me at the moment...

Well, I've decided to dedicate this post to this Sunday that the MIM and I spent with our two boys. Just a couple of incidents that I wish to record for posterity. Because, as I said elsewhere, I am so afraid of forgetting...

1) We wanted to take the boys out to a new restaurant called Machaan. It's supposed to have a jungle theme and everything, so I thought the boys would get a hoot. Not exactly near our place, but a longish drive on a Sunday afternoon is pretty nice. As we were nearing the place, the latest mall to open in Kolkata, called Mani Square, we saw these huge hoarding of a new entertainment section that's opened up in the Mall, called 'Scary House'. I got all excited about it and in the process, got the EO all jumpy and squealy and non-hungry, the same boy who was begging me for a snack exactly as we were walking out the door and to whom I said, "Wait for a little while baba, we'll be eating soon." Anyway, we get there and head straight for the 'Scary House' and something that I really should have anticipated greets my eyes...a list of people cautioned not to enter -- including children below eight! Wooooops! Teary tantrum alert! The man's face from behind the counter looked down at him, smiled kindly and said, "I'm sorry, you can't go in. You'll be too scared!" A very indignant EO placed his hands on his hips, faced the face and siad in a big-boy-voice, "I'm not scared! I'm five years old!" And to drive home his point, he raised his hand, with five fingers splayed apart, to emphasise his new age!

2) Well, once the floodgates opened, they were pretty hard to shut. So we headed to Machaan, the origanl purpose for making the entire trip in the first place. It was a Sunday afternoon, of course there was waiting! For 45 minutes! Since the EO was busy crying up an appetite and it was already quite some time past the YO's lunch time, we decided mot to wait and eat at the Food Court instead. But the place did look swell! There were 7 feet tall statues of tribals standing guard outside the restaurant and in the window display there was a huge elephant and a tree with a puma perched on top. I called my boys to come and take a look, but the EO, for some strange reason is terrified of mannequins. I am talking cringe-and-cower-and holler-for-mommy afraid. He can't explain his fear, and I am trying desperately hard to help him overcome it. I thought he'd get a kick out of seeing the animals. Big mistake! The tribals scared the beejeezus out of him and I was rewarded with a fresh and even louder outburst this time round! Considering that this incident sat upon the heels of the Episode of the Brave Five-Year-Old Big Boy in Front of the Scary House, I have to admit that the MIM and were thoroughly amused! Yes! We're a bad, bad Mamma and Baba! (Snigger, snigger! Smirk! Chortle, chuckle!)

3) While I was busy and happily buying junk food for our little family to gorge on (please don't look at me like that! Weekend treat! It's allowed!), the MIM was busy hanging onto the YO (seriously, the kid needs a leash!) and trying to reason with the EO at the same time. When the EO's sobs started to ebb away, he finally made a grand pronouncement and stopped his stream of tears, "They didn't let me go in the Scary House and that's why I'm sad!" Awwww! My poor baby! Soon enough, my child, soon enough!

4) I let the YO start off with some french fries and sauce. He was thrilled that we were allowing him to dip the fries into the sauce himself and chomp down on the golden-yellow potato public! Without a bib! But naturally the sauce ended up smeared on his face...covering the entire tip of his nose, spots on his cheeks and his chin! Together with his wide, happy smile, he was the perfect picture of a cute and cuddly clown! So, of course I had to get in on some of the ketchup action and give him a could I not?


Goofy Mumma said...

seems like you made some wonderful memories this Sunday!!

Mama - Mia said...

quite a day that, woman!

and they throw tantrums and cry even at 5??!!

i was a niice kid who never threw tantrrums, so am sure god would have made a note of that while sending cubby across!

right? right??



Mama - Mia said...

and yes, pls to hug the brave 5 year old and the red nosed YO! :)



Still thinking said...

Quite a day! :)

Please kiss YO for me when he's in that same frame again soon, so cute :D

P.S: I went to a restaurant named 'Machan' in Mount Abu and it was nothing like the way you described, I guess coz they missed the extra 'a'. Numerology, I tell you!

pseudo intellectual said...

you make everything sound so cute and nice and picture-purrrfect!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Hello all! Yes, quite a Sunday, one of the best kinds...the kind that made memories!

The kisses and hugs have been passed on! ;D

And namesake, this is to tell you that I used to be an abolute angel and look at what I've been gifted with! The Gods do watch...and laugh! They have quite a sense of humour!

Cuckoo said...

Sounds like a wonderful idea to treat kids one day a week, so that they do not demand junk everyday. EO's "I am Five" was adorable. And the YO's ketchup smeared face must've been real cute. Maybe a pic the next time?