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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Showing-Off the Blues...

So after the MIM and walked into my Ma-Janoni's place (yes, we're still here and the carpenters are still there!), he went to kiss our sleeping muppets, and then he unpacked, changed and we sat down for some unwind time in front of the TV. My parents left us alone so that we could chat and catch up.

The MIM and I always 'watch' TV together at night. I usually have my laptop open and he surfs mindlessly from channel to channel searching for something to hold his attention. It's his way of destressing, so I don't interfere much.

Anyway, last night, I decided to keep the laptop shut and concentrate on my sweetie instead. I sat down next to him, got comfortable, put my feet up on the coffee table, did some foot rotation and wiggled my toes. Then I sighed. Loudly.

No reaction.

So I cleared my throat. Loudly.

Still nothing.

I coughed. Loudly.

Zip! Zilch! Nada!

So I put snuggled up next to him and he absent-mindedly patted me on the head, without breaking his zombiefied eye-contact with the TV set.

Finally, I had to say it, "You haven't noticed my wild and wacky toe-polish, have you? It's sparkly, witch blue, for cying out loud, how could you not notice?"

The MIM had the grace to look sheepish, but then when he actually saw the colour, he looked horrified!

Ahh, men!


Suki said...

Blue nailpolish? OMG :D

Suki said...

Oh, sorry. Submitted that comment without finishing. Just meant to add a sigh of exasperation at the ability of most men to get lost in the TV and forget the world around them!

Love your posts, and it's great to see another Kolkata blogger around :).

Still thinking said...


The prelude had all my attention but I never wud have ever imagined it to climax with a nail polish :D

Was it electric blue?

You are funny babes, don't ever doubt it!

pseudo intellectual said...

blue nailpaint?! wow! that's cool!
and from my (extremely limited) experience of the other gender, they only notice you when they're still wooing you :P

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Hehehe! Hello all! Yup! Blue nail polish! And I was never this wacky in my teens and twenties! Well, I guess when you cross a certain agi and are in a new decade of your life, you decide to take a few 'safe risks' (now there's an oxymoron!!) and do things not part of your personality.

And hey girls! Some friendly advice...after you get married, never keep the TV in the bedroom! The competition is immense!!

And Suki, thanks for dropping by and commenting! We should organise a Kolkata bloggers meet or something!

Monika,Ansh said...

Lol...........this is "Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki" .It's either the TV or the damn phone!!
But Blue nailpolish! You are wacky, lady!!

Mama - Mia said...

someone is sure discovering her wild side!!

you know its only since past year that i even apply nail polish! naah! correction! get it applied! when i go for my pedicure!!

since i CANT apply any OMO i sue staud silver and pearl finish ones because it isnt easy to notice they are chipped!!

teach me!! then i would go blue too!!



ps: do you really HAVE to have the word verification? going lind!! :(

Suki said...

Email me, I have a link in my profile. We do tend to have semi-regular Kolkata Blogger meets, we'd love to have you there :)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Namesake, just go to a parlour, allow yourself to get pampered! Ask for a pedicure and when time comes to choose a nail colur, choose the wackiest one they've got!!

There! You've done! Now walk out of there quickly before you change your mind and decide to scrub it off and redo with a safe bet!

dipali said...

:)Typical male glued to TV syndrome:)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Sugh Dipali! Is it any wonder we go shopping!

MsMRC said...

LOL!!!!Even if he was in another room at the time,mine would have said "Yes you're looking VERY pretty" , i.e. his standard response to questions begining with "DAKHO amakey..."