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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

From Burping to 'Shararat-karo'ing

Have you seen the new Tata Sky ad? The one with Aamir Khan in it? Where he's got this ardhnari-maanav thing going on.

Now, I love Aamir Khan. He's one of my all time favourite actors. He's my Tom Hanks of Bollywod. 'Lagaan', 'Dil Chahta Hai' and 'Taare Zameen Par' are cinematic delights. 'QSQT' caused my heart to skip a beat or two, even 'Mangal Pandey' was paisa vasool.

However, my all-time favourite Aamir Khan oeuvres are his Coke ads...the ones where he puts on the skin of different Indian stereotypes and entices us to guzzle my favourite black bubbly. I love them all so much, I wish they would air again and never be taken off! He got them all so spot-on and each one was hilarious! My personal fave? Oh, undoubtedly the Nepali tour guide! Perfection indeed!

And then of course he burped. On TV. As a server on a train who doesn't miss an opporunity to swig back some Coco-Cola during a 2 second sojourn through a dark idea many other passengers also seem to have had. Now, logic defies how so people can lap up a quarter bottle of a cold drink in two seconds without their hands oing the bumpity-bump in the dark. But this is TV land and we all do tend to suspend our disbelief. Now, who could the Coke-chor be? Twenty odd burps from Indians of various communities, backgrounds and creeds are supposed to give us the answer to that one. There's supposed to be a nationalistic message hiding behind all the collective burping somewhere. Apparently, no matter which part of the country we're from and on which rung of the social ladder we belong too, we all steal a sip of Coke in the dark and we think nothing of holding a burp fest in a train compartment!

And so he burped! On TV.

And now this. A half-man, half-woman Punju concoction fighting over Tata Sky. Where he makes out with himself.

Please AK...stick to the movies, or at least get better ads created for you!

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