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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Little Pleasures : II

~ Watching your school-going imp kick off his shoes and make himself comfy in the car, stretched out like a prince in the backseat; head on your lap and feet on grandpa's lap.

~Having your little imp scramble from the front seat to the back so that he can sit on your lap.

~Having both of them fight for their territory on Fat Ma's Lap, (not unlike Noone's Land, except that I am not 'Noone' but yes, the area of my lap could host a small country, or township at the very least!)

~Watching them grudgingly and silently reach an MoU over their territorial rights -- "This thigh is your thigh, this thigh is my thigh..."

~Watching the elder son suddenly jump up at the first few bars of a favourite song and noting with warmth and amusement how the younger boy reaches out for his dada to pull him down so that his big brother's head can rest on HIS tiny, adorable lap! Then not missing the manner in which a little arm is thrown over the elder brother's chest in a gesture that is as casual as it is protective.

~Noting with satisfaction and joy that the sky is baby blue, the clouds are huge and fluffy, the trees are dappled with sunlight and that your entire world is safely ensconced in the seat of your lap!
~Having your little one make his way to you from across the room with twinkling eyes and knowing smile as he plonks himself next to you and demands that you play "bom bom boyey!" (bum bum bole)

~Hear your elder love's voice pipe up and vehemently demand "Mitwa!"

~Watching the heated and furious argument take place as the names of these two songs are shuttled back and forth. "Mitwa!", "No! Bom bom boyey!", "No! MITWA!", "NOOOOOO! BOM BOM!"

~Helping them reach a settlement before you grow deaf and watching them with unmasked joy as they take delight in the songs of their choice.

~Suddenly feeling your arm being tugged at by a small but very determined little hand that belongs to your younger love. Allowing him to pull you into the wide kitchen space for a "Dancey?"

~Watching your little one dance with unbridled joy and passion and totally following his lead...not caring who watches!


noon said...

Really sweet :)
Every one talks about bum bum bole as their kids favorite - I need to listen to it and play it for KB. I need a list of such songs so I can make a CD.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Hey noonie! I can offer some suggestions if you'd like... :)

Anonymous said...

Nice... I can understand these pleasures, though I dont have kids of my own! :)

And thanks for dropping by at my blog! :)

Monika,Ansh said...

Aww so sweet .:)
Especially the sitting on the lap thing & dividing their territories. :)

noon said...

Mmia - yes yes please do. And how do I get hold of the MP3's to be able to make a CD? If not I will have to buy the movie CDs and all the songs won't be good in each of 'em. Anyways - please do send me a list!
I came by to read some of your older posts so I can fig out who is who! :)
Hey - so do your kids speak Bengali at home? I love the sound of Bengali...I used to ask my friend Chai khabe when they came home as if I was a proper Bong myself! :)

noon said...

BTW - I wrote a Bengali joke for you in my preschool post.

Mama - Mia said...


i wanna come and SEE and be a part of a day in the life of Mamma Mia!! :)




Still thinking said...

Awwwwwwwwwww...complete bliss naa :)

pseudo intellectual said...

it reminds me of how me and my sisters would fight for first rights to ma. i usually won. being the youngest (and spoilt brat) of the family helps :)
love to EO and YO :)

Fictional Desi said...

sweet, sweet post. i loved it!
was great to be back on the blog and read this. :)

chandni said...

I love these posts of urs with little tidbits!

Preeti Sharma said...

Loved the fight for the thighs - Wish there was a 3rd one for contingencies (a 3rd thigh that is and not a 3rd baby!!!) LOL.

dipali said...

Ah, the sweetness:)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Hey all of you!!

Thank you for the kindness, the sweetness and the words.

Sorry I've been a little silent, but I've been running around like a headless chicken. Finally the carpenters have left (hurrah!), but that means tidying up the mess they left behind (boooooo!) Olus, it's the EO's birthday tomorrow and the Sis-in-law's and BOTH are being celebrated today, one after the other.

So yes, it's crazy time in Mamma world right now!