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Friday, August 21, 2009

Boarding the Train to Mommy Hell -- II

The YO's still under the weather. And the EO decides to show off his noise-making skills. From shouting at the top of his voice, to roaring like a lion cub testing his ferocity levels, to keeping elevator doors open so that the irritating alarms beeps not-stop thus grating the underside of your skull-cap to banging doors's been a noise fest to push an already unhinged Mamma at the end of her tether, right off the edge of the world!

So, said Mamma is carrying sick and fast-asleep YO down to the car. The elevator alarm and door banging episodes have already taken place and dire threats have been passed. We settle ourselves in the car -- the EO, the YO with his sleeping head resting on my left shoulder thus his little ear fully exposed to the EO's vocal chords, and me, a frazzled Mamma, body aching after the hour-long Pilates torment.

The EO suddenly shrieks loudly, "MAMMAAAA!!" right near the YO's ear! Thankfully my little one, too sozzled from the various cough syrups he's on, doesn't wake up. But I hiss out a loud and menacing "What's wrong with YOU!! Can't you see bhai is sleeping??!!"

My EO looks contrite and my she-devil horns droop a bit. "What?", I hiss, a bit more gently this time.

And my EO whispers to me, "Mamma, you know, I sawed this picture of a mamma monkey and she was doing like this to her baby...", and he proceeds to do a patting-plus-massaging kind of motion on my thigh, similar to the kind I do on their backs when I'm tucking them in and telling them stories at bedtime.

As if that's not enough, he finishes his hand movements, looks back up at me with eyes full of tenderness and whispers, "So sweet naa?"

I swear the boy tortures my soul on purpose!


Monika,Ansh said...

I could not help laughing at the end coz I knew what the end of the pots would be like.
Hope YO gets well soon dear.

Sparkling said...

I swear he also tugs at us readers hearts *sigh*
EO is so precious!

Is YO better now?


Anonymous said...

the perfect 'aaww' moment.
isnt this just the stuff that keeps us going ;)
esp at the end of that rope.

Monika said...

awwww so adorable.. they are so so so loving at times

hope YO gets well soon enough

and BTW there is something on my blog that I would want ur comments on, ur kind words :)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

@Mon,Ansh: I'm a bad mommy! You could see what was coming, but I couldn't! :(

@Sparkling: My heart has been tugged out of shape!
YO's temperament has undergone a terrible change thanks to all those cough meds! My mischievous imp is now a shreiking, wailing banshee! *sob!!* Somebody give me back my natkhat Gopal!!

@happyfeetnme: They are the steam to our steam engines all right!

@Monika: Thanks for your wishes dear!
And will most definitely leave comments!

Anonymous said...

Aww!! EO is so adorable, and you are amazing to be able to see all this and torture our soul with such posts...

Poppins said...

Aww. Isn't that crazy how that happens just when you yell at them they do something that makes you wonder why the hell you were screaming !

YO still not ok? Dear god, please make YO well soon!

Mama - Mia said...

if you are a bad mommy, i should resign from my post instantly! hugs girl!!

and get well soon wishes to the YO.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

@IHM: Aaah, but the result of this particular brand of torture is a sweet, sweet pain, right?

@Poppins: It's crazy all right, and enough to send me on a guilt trip for hours afterwards!
Thanks for your wishes, the YO is better, just a residue of the cough remains.

@Namesake: You are an ace mamma! And I'm not the only one who says it, so there!

The Ketchup Girl said...

Adoooooalllll-lllable. Totally. I am begining to believe two kids aren't as bad as i imagine it to be. I got to stop readiing this blog :). I cant manage one more. :D. Both your Eo and YO sound like munchkins. Complete Rosogollas.

WhatsInAName said...

devil and innocence clubbed in one :-)
Hope YO has recovered