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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Linguist

On Saturday, my two brats and I took my parents for a looooooong over-due lunch out, to celebrate their 36th Anniversary, which was a month ago! We went to a fabulous Thai restaurant,Benjarong, which my parents hadn't been to and which I knew they'd enjoy. Turns out, I was right! As soon as we entered it, my DaddyDearest's face broke into a huge smile and MaaJanoni took in her surroundings with absolute delight.
I ordered cocktails for my folks, but decided to stay sober myself since I was going to take the boys for a movie after lunch, "Ice Age 3" (will write about that soon. Promise). The food was, as I knew it would be, D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.
So why am I talking about a nice lunch out at a Thai restaurant? There has to be a point, right? Well yes, there is indeed one.

The MIM, my boys and I went to Phuket for a holiday, from May 31st to June 3rd. It was a supposed to be a nice, long, relaxing break, but we had to rush back early due to my FIL's illness. The boys loved the place and still keep talking about it. Every now and then, when I'm tucking my sweethearts into bed and bending down to kiss them, my YO will hold my face in his two, tiny hands, look soulfully into my eyes and say, "Mamma, notun baari chalo. Pliss, pliss, pliss chalo!" (Mamma, let's go to the new house. Please, please, please let's go!!) The EO joins in and I leave the room muttering something about 'soon', 'hopefully' and 'next time'.
They remember a lot about the place, that I know. But just how much, I realised on Saturday at the restaurant.
Each time the waiters brought over something that we'd ordered, I smiled at them and said "Thank you." The EO was watching with interest. Finally, he piped up and said, "Not 'thank you' Mamma, 'kapunkha' (Thai for 'thank you')." And then he sank back into the sofaish-seat with an adorable smile. I must have stared at him for quite a while, because my parents had to snap their fingers in front of my nose to bust me out of my state of shell-shocked wonderment! I could have cried!

How many other ways are you going to amaze me, my son? I wait with bated breath!


Still thinking said...

Can you please do me a favour?

Can you please kiss EO for me and tell him how smart and observant he is?! :)

And you dear M4, I'm sure Kleenex would like to extend their thanks to you for continuing to patronise them :p

Goofy Mumma said...

The EO really is going places!!

dipali said...

Khapun kha for this lovely post!
God bless!

Indyeah said...

awwww ....

MM this time just put kala teeka on

EO's and YO's foreheads :)

EO is one smart cookie isnt he?:))

Monika,Ansh said... sweet. Amazing memory. You have one helluva smart kid.