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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How to Get Stupid, Right

Two way overdue movie reviews:-

1) Kambakht Ishq
How do these movies even get made? Worse, why do they get passed? And why don't they come with an Idiocy Warning attached? You know, something which reads : Warning! Viewing of the following movie will reduce your IQ level by 98.5%. Be prepared to live the rest of your life as a dung beetle.
I can't believe I actually allowed a friend to talk me into the movie! It's the kind of movie where you want to shoot your brains out only so that you can have something to play with. Alas! Since I didn't have no gun, I plucked my chin hair instead! The dialogues were misogynistic, the plot as thick as the script-writer's hide, the acting repulsive, the music immemorable! The movie just offended me from scene one.
And Sly Stallone and Denise Richards? I mean really???? I mean, effing REALLY???? You guys needed a pay cheqe that bad! I actually cringed throughout their scenes...especially when Akshay Kumar touched the Sly's feet for his blessings!! I think I curled up and died right then!
Avoid! Avoid! AVOID!!! This one has chaos and disaster stamped all over it! It's three hours of your life you'll never, ever get back...

2) The Hangover THIS was funny!! This is the movie that got stupid right! The movie was inane and insane, from start to finish. But it worked!
The plot is one that's been done to death: guy getting married, whisked off to Las Vegas for his Bachelor Party by three varying specimens of the malehood. What happens the morning after the night before makes for some entertaining, idiotic and extremely watchable viewing!
Treat your man to this'll be guaranteed a lot of loving later on, in absolute gratitude!


Tharini said...

Oh good. Thank goodness I read this review. Was thinking of renting KI! Your reviews are pretty slick and entertaining, you know!

Monika,Ansh said...

lol...M4.I quite enjoyed KI just for the mindlessness of it all. :)

Hangover is long overdue!! Gotta catch it soon.

Indyeah said...

Thank god for the blogosphere:)

I am reading the umpteenth review of KI and each time I say a silent 'thank you god':)
coz I would have gone for it otherwise

KI to be avoided.
Hangover to be seen.


Miss M said...

I sooo agree with your views on kambhaqt ishq!! Why are people even paying to watch such movies in the theatre?! Gah.

I saw the trailer on youtube, and that was it. No way am I watching it.

First time here. :)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

@Tharini: I have to say, the reviews I have been reading about KI are infinitely more entertaining than the movie itself!

@Mon, An: MIM said it was the kind of mindlessness that he needed after the week at work, but he still wasn't happy about it. Now Hangover was another story altogether! Go see it!

@Indy: My fault is great because I knew it was bad, but my friend really wanted to go, so I thought, "Meh, how bad can it be?" Well, I know now!!

@Miss M: Smart thing to do! ANd welcome to my blog...I hope you like it here!

pseudo intellectual said...

you should've watched new york instead. it was pretty decent.
i wonder how kareena still remains the so-called queen bee in bollywood after delivering spectacular duds like tashan n KI. wonder how long jab we met would be invoked to gloss over her tiresome habit of overacting.
(no,am not fond of her :P)
and thanks to you, i didn't watch KI :D

Shruti said...

Ahhh i so agree for KI.. As soon as I read ur post, I thought why didn't i drop by earlier!!!!! ack!! it a was a total waste of (office) time for me!!
3rd time here :) and loving it.