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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pretty in Pink...Undies!

Pink chaddis. They can be very feminine. In a totally sex kitten kind of a way. Or in an innocent, baby-doll kind of a way. They can tell us what kind of a mood you're in, naughty, raunchy, caught up with domesticity, blah, experimental, trendy...and rebellious.

Today, thanks to the initiative of some very cool, creative and outraged women, the pink chaddi has taken on new meaning. It has come to symbolise women asserting their individual right to freedom as citizens of this country. It is a symbol of our rage, our disgust. It is our voice, dressed up in a pretty colour and stitched into an intimate garment that expresses us in a unique and sit-up-and-take-note-you-bastards! kind of manner.

Join the Pink Chaddi Campaign. Today.

We are not airing our dirty underwear in public. We are hurtling our strong, worthy statements at those who are trying to carry out the equivalent of castration on the 'weaker' sex!

Take that, you neanderthal! And that, and that....

Fellow sisters in thongs, granny-pants and and other assortments of lingerie...
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Monika,Ansh said...

Ok, count me in

Subhashree said...

Linking your post in mine :)

Piper .. said...

way to go gal! Like someone said in someone else`s blog: From one pubgoing loose forward woman to another! :)

Mama - Mia said...


from the loose women to the losers, eh?! :p



Still thinking said...

Oh, we definitely aren't the weaker sex and that's what the pink chaddi is all about!

At the rate the campaign is moving, these bastards are gonna be 'gulaled' with chaddis soon.
Gotta get a relative poster done :)

Mystic Margarita said...

Nice post, M4! I'm a pubgoing, loose and forward woman and proud of it! but I do have slightly different views on the chaddi thing - did a post on it.

Anonymous said...

Great!!! Send these sick pink chaddis to RSS, BJP, VHP, Baj Rang Dal, Shiv Sena etc too!!!

The bastards are free because of the political son BJP of whore RSS mother.

RSS is the real culprit & thier diferent offshoots are the tools to achieve thier nefarious objective……

Lets throw out the BJP,VHP,Baj Rang Dal and all sena be it shiv, ram, ranvir etc.

Even krishna had crores of affairs, Ram too did not went shooting mindless even when his own wife got abducted, kunti had son’s out of wedlock, pandva shared thier brother’s wife etc.

And this idiotic thugs a living failures are trying to teach us what morality is, what culture is etc all in facade of deft nationalism & religion. Fuck these bastards.

Not only send them pink chaddis but start hitting them on streets…. let them get the tastes.

Religion is like condom or toothpaste, which one wants to use or even not to use is his or her wish & perogative and not someone’s else forced opinion.

Ask RSS, BJP, VHP, Baj Rang Dal, Ram Sena, MNS, Shiv Sena, Durga Vahini etc to stop thier mother & daughter finger & hand which they use to molest themselves if they want to police then police thier own family members but not others.

Even during dandia where there is photograph or idol of durga kept the whole navratri all boys n girls, men & women mariied or unmarried get into affairs resulting in sex and thats is for what they go and no one goes to make mother or sister, brother or father so what………. its our life and we live it as we want. for those who dont like pls stay away……. no need for the jokers to teach us…… the losers bastards.