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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another Shit Stain on the Government's Cap

Looks like the government is going all out to disappoint us in one way or another this new year. Not just the government at the helm of affairs in Delhi, but all the various state governments as well. I'm not going to draw up a list now, it will go on endlessly, but you all know what the major goof-ups have been so far.

Another one has been brought to my attention by Pseudo Intellectual. This brilliantly written post of hers had me shaking my head in shame, shaking with anger and sputtering in outrage. But am I really surprised anymore?

The link is my post for the day, because I think more people should know. Head on over. Read. And be ashamed.

And Mary Kom. I am so, SO sorry. You deserved much, MUCH, so very much more.

(Sigh. At this rate I'll never get started on those Andaman posts!!)

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