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Friday, February 13, 2009

Nari Shakti Zindabad!!

I think I may have sent out a wrong signal in yesterdays post. From many of the comments, I feel I've put myself across as someone who doesn't believe in the Pink Chaddi Campaign anymore.

Nothing could be further than the truth.

I have and still am, shouting myself hoarse about this merry band of forward women. I got a cousin SIL to join and have had animated discussions a-plenty with anybody willing to listen...and even not listen. I know for a fact, that thanks to my closest and bestest friend, my chaddi was deposited safe, sound and simmering with all the intentions of letting hell loose, at the Bangalore collection spot.

I was just worrying aloud about whether this will make a difference to Muthalik and his goons. I was worried about how he would retaliate. And I am thrilled to say that I think I have been worrying needlessly. I've been getting/reading lots of reports, all good, from all over the country. I don't want to jinx anything yet by shouting 'Hurrah' and doing a victory dance wearing, what else but, pink chaddies! (in the privacy of my bedroom folks! Even the bathroom mirror shall be spared the horror of that sight!!), but can I safely say, Round 1...the Consortium?

But, I still wouldn't let go of that belan!


Mama - Mia said...

nobody would think that you didnt believe.

ofcos one needs to do more. and getting training in some form of self defence is definately a step forward and absolutely necessaryu.

it would actually be quite cool if some pink chaddi buddies get together and start classes for women in respective cities. one or two women alone might wonder who will take an effort, but if ir becomes a group activity, lot more of us well be better equipped! whether we waer pinck or no! :)



Indian Home Maker said...

Our pink voices are being heard all over the world!!!
Muthalik first said they did not mean to force anybody, then they said they were not going to be violent, and finally now they have been arrested.

So as of now the PCC seems to be working...

Do be out in your pinkest best tomorrow ... have fun, celebrate, and enjoy a drink (or juice) ... cheers!!

dipali said...

Yes, despite all doubts, our voices have been heard. There is still some hope for our beloved country.

pseudo intellectual said...

it worked m4. i admit, i had my own doubts about the symbol of protest. but hey, whatever works. cheers to the consortium! :)

Piper .. said...

:( did you think I was pointing fingers? :(