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Friday, December 19, 2008

Snippets About My Snippet

There's much I need to write about. Lots I need to share. But as I look down at the curly-haired, fever-flushed little boy who's finally sleeping peacefully on one of Mamma's thighs, his deep and laboured breathing pounding in my ears, I can only think about him.

So, here are a few little tidbits from my baby boy's life. Take it away YO...

~You know how we parents resort to shouting about and showing off imaginary birds, insects and animals doing weird and wonderful things like flying in the sky, crawling on the walls and eating food (gasp! gasp! how stupendously surprising and wonderfully creative!) to our tiny little tykes when they're being all wriggly and refusing to put on clothes or fussy and refusing to eat? Well, the YO paid back the MIM in full measure a couple of weeks ago! After peeing, my little semi-nudist decided to run in circles around the living room. After the MIM successfully caught a squirmy, giggly little boy, hoisted him on his shoulders and took him back to bed to get some pants on him, our Artful Dodger points to the wall and says, "Baba deko, deko, tikki!" (translated directly from Bong baby-speak: "Baba, look, look, a lizard"). The MIM takes the bait, looks up, slackens his grip and the half-naked boy is on the loose again!

~Both my boys love listening to music. A lot of my taste has rubbed off on them (thank the Gods that Be!) and they've collected their own favourites as well. One of the EO's current favourites is "Jaane Kyun..." or the "I'll be alright" song from 'Dostana'. The other day, in the car, I suddenly hear this little voice singing over and over again "Jaane Kyuuuuuuunnnnn, Jaane Kyuuuuuuunnnnn..." He thought no one was listening and when he caught me looking at him and smiling, he got embarrassed and tried to hide his face. Aah, my little jaan, didn't you know that you can't hide from the ever-watchful gaze of mom? Especially the cute stuff!

~Being the only Bong in a class full of Hindi-speaking toddlers, I knew that my YO would pick up bits and pieces of Bollywood's prima langua sooner rather than later. But I still couldn't help but be amused when we were at the store and he suddenly piped up and said, "Baari jayegaa!" Aww! (I want to go home!) And he even kept some Bong in it ('Baari' is 'home' in Bangla) to make sure his language-challenged Mamma understood!

~Because the EO is allowed to watch TV (of course I strictly monitor TV programs and viewing), by default, the YO has started watching certain programs/movies earlier than when the EO did. For example, the YO is a complete Potter-head, just like his mom and elder brother. How much of it he understands, I have yet to understand, but he hums the theme music incessantly! At the YO's age, the EO was in love with cute, adorable Dora and her handsome cousin Diego, and enjoyed the antics of Noddy and his friends in Toyland. But the YO prefers Little Einsteins and Ben 10 to Oswald and company, thank you very much! Well, the EO and the Nephew were watching their evening quota of TV and lately they've been showing the promos of "Madagascar:2" during the ads. Today, I was reading something about the making of the movie in the newspaper with the YO on my lap. He recognised the faces of the friendly four and immediately started jumping up and down on my lap, clapping his hands and screeching, "I like tho moob ith, moob ith!" (The Madagascar theme song, "I like to move it, move it!) Yes, my little one, I can sure see that you do!

Get well soon my love! It breaks my heart to see you this way!


Monika,Ansh said...

I am sorry u r not well YO. Hope u get well real soon baby. Lots of hugs to you & to your mommy too. Love the little snippets. :)

Goofy Mumma said...

Oh poor baby. I hope he gets well soon too. It is really depressing when the kids fall ill.

pseudo intellectual said...

oh dear, what happened to him? hope he becomes okay soon.

Mama - Mia said...

he is too cute to be unwell!

am sure he was up and about pretty quick!