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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pop Goes the...

I have a zit. Right on my forehead. It sticks out like a, what else, but as the bloody pimple that it is.

Blessed/cursed with oily skin, pimples have always been the bane of my post-puberty, facial skin's being. And now with age, these blighters have just gotten more stubborn. Pretty much like the mother ship from whence they spawn.

This particular one has been around for over a week and shows no sign of sprouting a head, wrinkling up into decrepitude and ultimately leaving my face with a reminder that it was there, that it had visited, existed.

The YO has been fascinated with it and stares at it for long seconds before scurrying off to admire something equally disgusting, like crow poop or dead bugs.

Yesterday, he finally pointed to it and asked me: Eitaa ki? (What is this?)
Mamma Mia: (wondering how to explain 'excess secretion of facial oil, ergo a pimple, a zit, a kill-joy', finally resorts to...) Eitaa beththaa. (This is a boo-boo [a 'hurt']).
The YO: Beththaa? (Boo-boo?)
Mamma Mia: Hmmm. Mamma-ke shaatt-shaatt korey dao. (Make Mamma feel better.)
The YO: (tenderly, lovingly, gently, so-sweetly-I-could-crush-him-to-my chest-and-die-smiling-ly, strokes his tiny, chubby hand over the offending eruption) Shaatt-shaatt. Shaat-shaat. (No real translation for that, will just have to go with "There-there. There-there.")
And even more tenderly and lovingly, he plants a soft, gentle kiss on It, the Zit.

And then, suddenly, out of the blue, he whacks me hard on the forehead! At that spot! On It, the Zit!! I mean WTF?!?

Before I could recover from speechlessness, he raises his finger to It, the Zit and in a stern, gruff voice...he actually SCOLDS it!!

The YO: No! Paap! (Paap, in Bong baby-speak is what we say when we are scolding certain toddlers who don't behave. We also use the word whenever anything has 'hurt' our little darling's head, body, etc on their voyage of discovery. For example, if said toddler bumps his head against the wall or something, to pacify said now-screaming toddler, we scold the wall with a loud 'PAAP!!')

Right, so the YO, scolds my pimple and smacks it again!! Seriously...WTF?!? Then he raises his voice and scolds it even further, "Tumi Mamma-ke kaammey disho? Nooo! Paap!" (Tumi Mamma-ke kaamrey diyechcho? -- You've bitten Mamma! Nooo! Paap!)

His expressions were worthy of the Mastercard ad...priceless.

And I'm pretty sure my face, with it's weird mixture of ringing pain and eyes full of teary love, was quite the same as well...priceless.


Mama - Mia said...


little babies are the sweetest! :)



Mama - Mia said...

an award for ya!! :)



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