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Monday, December 6, 2010

Their New Love

I sometimes wonder if I'm losing my touch, or my will.

I mean, I was the mom who knew all about Transformers -- the valiant Autobot side as well as the evil Decepticon side. I knew their histories, their back-stories, their names, and most important of all, I knew how to put them infernal things together! The MIM would give up after 65 seconds of concentrated effort and I soon became a pro at it. Even the Nephew would bring his pieces to me. And it wasn't just the Transformers; I knew all about Ben 10 and his alien avatars, different Hot Wheel attractions, the Chota Bheem gang, the Panga gang, etc.

But now with this new Beyblade obsession that has the boys of this household firmly in its grip, I couldn't be arsed. My eyes just seem to glaze over when the B-word is mentioned and I've even vetoed the boys from watching the corresponding cartoon on TV.

But, as I said above, the B-fever is raging in full blaze and hourly prayers are being made to Santa for said toys to be wrapped in cheerful paper and kept under the tree. The boys are intent on educating me yet.

Now while I know that Santa's definitely going to answer their prayers, I'm not so sure whether my brain has any space left for assimilating info about their newest and latest turn-on. After all, the Bakugan craze died a natural death along with all my crisp rupee-notes at the mall, spent on accumulating those insipid, unimpressive-looking-yet-freakishly-expensive, miserable excuses for toys.

Aah well. I make up for all this mindlessness at story time. Thankfully they both love listening to the good stuff! Long live the Panchatantra, the Hitopadesha, the Jataka tales, Aesop's fables, Enid Blyton and Mother Goose!!


Swaram said...

Woww! I am really illiterate when it comes to Beyblade :P

Rakhee said...


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