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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bombai Se Aaye Hum're Doston...

Last weekend, two bloggers whom I admire and have long wanted to meet, came for a quickie visit to our fair/foul city -- Lady K and Ro. With offspring.

To say that I was excited would be an understatement! I only had the privilege of spending a few hours with them as they were on a rather tight schedule. I invited them and a few of our city bloggers with assorted spouse and spawn, namely the Sue, Dipali and Eve's Lungs over to my for dinner. I agonised over what to make and serve. Of course I had decided that everything would be authentic Bengali, but what, what, what? Then there was also the matter of giving my lovely guests a bit of Calcutta to take back home with them, but what, what, what??

The menu was finally sorted out, I decided to go with traditional fare made for special occasions:
  1. Steamed rice
  2. Salad with pomegranate
  3. Moong daal with peas and coconut shavings
  4. Dhokaar daalna (sort of like a badhi curry) --Veg, courtesy MaaJanoni
  5. Potoler dolmaa (stuffed parwal) -- Veg, courtesy the MIL
  6. Aalur dom -- Veg
  7. Bhetki paturi (fish fillets in thick mustard sauce, wrapped in banana leaves & steamed) -- Non-veg, moi
  8. Golda chingri malai curry (tiger prawns in coconut gravy) -- Non-veg, moi
  9. Koshaa mangsho (bhuna gosht) -- Non-veg, moi
  10. Mishti-doi cheesecake for dessert, moi
As for the gifts, I decided to play it safe and consulted good ol' Sunny about what Krish and Ayaan were into, since I wanted to give them things that they enjoyed. Lady K and I discussed it over SMSes too. She also sweetly asked me what I would like from Bombay. In all seriousness I asked her to bring Orange Ice Candy, babies et al. Alas, twas not to be; too big for suitcase said she. So I guess I shall have to make that trip to Bombay after all, as tuning into the Radio just ain't enough!

Unfortunately, since tis the season to be getting married, Evie couldn't attend, but I got to meet the wonderful Radha instead. The Sue came with the V and Bhablet, the SRE accompanied our lovely Dipali, K brought Jr K and Ro was with Ayaan and Tarana.

While the others have written much more interesting and well-worded posts about said weekend, I'm going to tell you what I learnt that Saturday evening.

  • To never take Lady K's 'fat posts' seriously again. I swear!! This woman is the epitome of sizzling, hot momma!! She's all curves and elegance and Dimple Kapadia hair! In short, she's gorgeous!!
  • That Ro has a height, nose, smile and daughter to kill for. Again...I swear! What a lovely, lovely lady!
  • That Super Brat Krish is actually a myth and in reality he is Boy-Gentleman Krish.
  • That Ayaan is one of the sweetest, most intelligent little boys I've had the pleasure and wonder of meeting in a long time.
  • That the Bhablet's eyes will be my undoing one of these days!
  • That the blogging gig? so rocks!! What a wonderful community!
I wish they could have been here longer, longer, longer...

*signs off and throws tantrum*


Sue said...


Ki na you'll preen at having been a part of it all and here you are, throwing tantrums.

karmickids said...

And what she didnt mention is that she cooked the most amazing spread that will have Lady K booking tickets to Kolkata in a trice if offered again....that cheesecake! Sinful!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

@ Sue: You spent mostest time with them, of course I shall throw tantrums!

@ Lady K: Rectified, for sake of general knowledge, general interest and general awareness; have added the menu. So, have the tickets been booked? ;-p

Swaram said...

I could book my tickets nowww for that menu :P :P
Glad u hd a nice time :) I sooo wanna meet some buddies :)

R's Mom said...

THAT WAS THE MENU!!! oh my God...I am meeting you in Calcutta in April FOR SURE! just to eat that ;)

A said...

kiran did return

dipali said...

We had a wonderful time with you and your family, M4. I'm not even talking about the awesome food:)

Rohini said...

That made my mouth water all over again *slurp*

Thanks for the lovely evening :)

Now, we look forward to seeing you in Mumbai. Though we cannot hope to compete with your spread. Olive it is! :D

Preeti Sharma said...

B, what a delicious post! Sounds like it was so much of fun. And I think Ro and Ayaan and Tarana are neighbours of mine! 6 degrees of separation.

Passionate Goof said...

M4, don't think I got much after reading that amazingly delicious and elaborate menu. Wish I was there to taste or rather hog on all of that!! Yumm yumm.
And I am sure it must have been a great fun meet for you ladies n family!

chandni said...

If u promise to feed me cheese cake, I'll fly to Cal I promise :D