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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Birthday Wish and a Thought

Happy birthday to the first man in my life -- DaddyDearest. Having you live so close to me is knowing that my slice of peace and bliss are near. You're the bestest, daddy, and I wish for you a life free from aches, pains and worries. I wish for you peace of mind, contentment and huge large chunks of happy! Love you!


Dear YO,

You know, today you are exactly as old as your brother was when you came into his life. I don't know why, but I can't stop thinking about this little statistic and it's been on my mind for the past few weeks.

Perhaps it's because that time is a blur to me. I was so busy wrapping my brains around the fact that I was a mommy of two, that I seem to have missed out on precious moments with the both of you. Looking at you now, I seem to be getting a sense of what your brother may have been like at that time.

Or perhaps it's because you suddenly seem to have gone baby-crazy. You see a baby on TV and you're riveted. When you can finally tear your eyes away long enough, you shriek at the top of your voice, "Dekho! Dekho! Baby, baby, BABY!" Then this time at the pujo pandal, and even more recently at a birthday party, you just wanted to be with the baby there. You wanted to pick her up in your arms, carry her around, sit her down on your lap and just plain drink in the essence of her delightful baby smell and revel in being the big boy. It's almost like you're trying to tell me that you're ready to be a big brother.

Or perhaps all this wistful reminiscing is because you're growing up WAY too fast for me, my little one. I miss your chubby hands and dimpled thighs. I miss the gurgles and the coos and the cuddles.

I miss your babyhood, my baby.



Aneela Z said...

sigh, i think you should go ahead and promote YO to MO (middle one!!) from the mouth of (babies and) babes (moi!) and all..take a hint woman, the spirit being willing and the flesh "not so weak" eh.

Monika,Ansh said...

Awwww .....Hapy BIrthdya to your dad.
& I know exactly what u mean.We never want to let go of babyhhod

Poppins said...

Happy Birthday to the oldest baby in the house :)

The Ketchup Girl said...

so now, whats stopping u from tring for a lil baby girl? we must have a chat about this :)

R's Mom said...

Happy Birthday to your dad..and YO is really growing up huh!!!

newmumontheblock said...

Sigh don't these babies grow up just way too fast? Belated b'day greetings to your dad- it was my mum's b'day on the 17th too :)

Amit Sondhi said...

Hey. I ended up on your blog while searching for (a variation of) the "donkey monkey..." quote. See I'm from Punjab and didn't know what it meant so I had it up as my status msg for a day until I decided to search for its meaning and thanks to ur post promptly removed it. Your blog's really nice, I'm following it. Hope u don't mind :)

AD said...

Aww, so cute! You know what, my daughter is doing the exact same thing these days! She stares endlessly at a baby picture of herself on my phone and goes BABY BABY BABY and at the same time hugging and kissing the phone.
Do take a peak at my page when you get a chance.