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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Are You Frikkin' Kidding Me?!?!?!?!?!

WARNING: The following post is about something I read in the papers today that left me sick and shaking with rage for almost the whole day. It may do the same to you. So why am I writing about it? Because we all have children whom we love and would do anything to protect. Because I think that we have a responsibility to each other and we need to let each other know what kind of sick crap there is out there, ready to corrupt our angels, our innocents.

I read with absolute HORROR, in fact 'horror' doesn't even begin to describe what I'm feeling, about this video game created in Japan called RapeLay...a 3D 'rape simulator' video game where one gets to pretend to be a sexual predator and test out his 'raping skills' on a mom and her two teenage daughters!!!!!!

It has been banned in Japan...thankfully! It has, unfortunately, found its way into India.

One more reason why I will NOT be apologetic about monitoring all my sons' activities as they grow up. And I don't need any bull-crap statements about violating my children's privacy and if I have faith in the way I've brought them up, then I shouldn't worry about them getting into bad company or doing bad things.

The thing is, I do have faith in the way the MIM and I are bringing up our boys. I do believe in, strongly, the morals and values that we are trying to impart to them with every constant moment of living. But what freaks the shittin' daylights out of me is that the world is full of bad people, freaks, paedophiles and wackos who think it's okay to create a video game where you can rape a woman and her daughters repeatedly until you break them to the point where they are willing to become your sex slaves.

The world is full of predators of various kinds who are ready to kill our children's innocence, corrupt them any chance they get. It is our responsibility, duty and right to protect our children any way we deem fit.

What a shitty world.

God. I am so scared.


grace said...

Absolutely shocking and sickening!
Its hard to imagine the level of consciousness such people who design, manufacture and sell such appalling stuff,have.
Draw a line please.

pseudo intellectual said...

which PERVERT designed this disgusting "game"?? i hope they threw him in jail.
paedophilia/child sexual abuse has personal resonance and i totally, thoroughly agree with you. since these sickos continue to flourish, we need to protect the kids however we can.

R's Mom said...

I totally agree to you..while we are very confident of instilling good values in our future generation...with such shocking and pathetic games being created...I would definitely keep an eye on my child's company, friends and stuff!

soin said...

ah yes.. that game was in advanced booking in the black market i get games from..this game is just the famous one..there are o other nes where the graphic is so good u wil bliv its real..but you know given that we guys have watched gigs and gigs of shitty porn the game is not shocker..inevitable..but i guess for parents its the perfect nightmare come true.either way if porn is even legal in some place,this game in just a by

Sparkling said...

How the fuck did this game even see the light of the day???

I totally understand your concern M4 - look at the state of our thoughts now, turns us paranoid and gets us wary about every damn thing! It is indeed a sad, sad world!

Mama - Mia said...


Anonymous said...


I also think what the kids do on the internet/TV or even what they read should be monitored.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

@ grace: Yes...we need some kind of organisation to draw these lines.

@ pi: right with you on this one. These sickos just seem to be multipying :(

@ R's mom: We really do need to monitor what our children do. It's the only way I can think of to keep them safe.

@ soin: Such a sad state of affairs. Now that my rage has calmed down, I can only feel disappointed and afraid...

@ sparkling: I'm wondering the same thing did this game even see the light of day?!?!

@ Namesake: Well-said :(

@ IHM: I'm so glad you agree. I really look up to you for parenting issues so that fact that you agree, is like a balm to me. So tell me, till what age do you think it's okay for us to monitor?

Anonymous said...

Recently i wrote about a similar topic and IHM told me about your post
about violating my children's privacyall the parents who want there kids to be sensible and grow up with values and morals will do the same :D

The world is full of predators exactly :D
Good one mama mia