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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Where The Heart Is

A cottage in the hills
is what I want,
where my sons
can breathe
and live free.
Red cheeks
a-glow with life
and laughter
mirroring the apple orchards
in bloom.
We can follow
trails through the jungles
and see where brooks
lead us,
maybe discovering
a waterfall,
a picnic spot
or two.

Or build me a
shanty on the beach;
water-baby that I am.
Let me see my sons swim
like slippery little seals
and full of the joy
of dolphins
as they splash about in water,
and healthy.
After a while
I shall forget
about the loss of my fair skin
and just learn to
live life tanned,
and in sarongs.

Or a flat
in the city
with bright lights
and noise.
We'll deal with the traffic
and smoke.
But there are
galleries to explore,
movies to see
and so much food
to try.
Our boys
will learn to live,
and succeed.

Build me a house
where ever you please,
but make it a home
with me.


Indyeah said...

beautiful and heartfelt!:))loved it:)

Still thinking said...

'Home' is where it is!

Cute poem (couldn't find a better word). You're one adaptable woman! :D

P.S: You could just be granted one of these abode's if you show this poem to MIM :p

Indian Home Maker said...

I would be content with either options too...
Her's a toast to sunkissed roasted brown and also to dealing with traffic and smoke !

Goofy Mumma said...

I loved it. So beautiful, with such feeling!