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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Super Superheroes

I hate summer term-breaks. And I am not the only mum in town being driven banana-bonkers by two born-restless kids who seem to derive only strength and energy from the Sun. So my friends and I have decided to take turns dumping our kids on each other, thus spreading the madness a bit.

Today is my turn. I am currently looking after (read: 'trying to keep my sanity intact') amidst a group of boys aged between 2-8. Fun times, I tell you! If you consider being locked in a cage full of violent circus monkeys fun.

Before totally coming apart at the seams, I decided to throw the gathering an impromptu Superhero Party, thanks to all the various superhero paraphernalia the EO has accumulated over the last two years due to various birthday parties, loving relatives and successful bouts of emotional blackmail. So, there were two Eon Kids, one Batman, one Black Power Ranger and a small, little orange tiger cub/robot all geared and ready to save the world from the evil machinations of Dr. Grevis (don't ask me, I don't know either!!).

Stroke of genius? I'd like to think so, except I forgot to take into account the total annhilation of my home in the wake of the Earth being saved. So with visions of chaos and destruction laying waste to my beloved bookshelves, paintings and hubby's beloved wall-plasma TV with sound system, I decided to join the fray as the Supreme General.

Shouting out Secret Missions to five extremely excitable Superheroes is hard work. And when those missions are executed successfully within fifteen seconds of implementation, pint-sized Superheroes get exhausted even that much more easily. So they need refreshments. Out came the energy biscuits, the super power chips and mind booster juices. Duly refreshed and energised, our Superheroes were ready for more daunting challenges.

They were sent to locate the super-sonic spaceship that was being built for them for use in a top secret mission. Armed with the magic words, "Hockeldy-pockeldy-phooch-and-poo", which would have to be said in triplicate, they would be able to open the door to the secret cave located at the bottom of Hee-Haw Mountain. That is where they would find the super-sonic spaceship that would blast them off on a mission to the Moon...Dr. Grevis' secret hideaway. Over there, they would have to combine their superpowers to overcome, subdue and eventually defeat the Evil Grevis and transport him, hanging upside down, back to Earth, where he would be lasered into a high-security prison.

Admist all this action, there were lots of tears and high-drama. A stop-over on Dinosaur Planet had our Superheroes defeating the Evil T-Rex Lizard King and making friends with the Spinosaurs and Brontosaurasuses. The Black Power Ranger and Marty the Eon Kid both died, once each, and had to be revived by the magical ministrations of the Supreme General. They energized themselves at the Fountain of Power and were ready to move onto Mars where Dr. Grevis had transported himself.

But eventually, all Superheroes have to answer to a much higher authority named 'Mom'.

It's 8.30 and my two favourite Superheroes are dreaming of their next super adventure.

After all, even Superheroes need their sleep.

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Monika,Ansh said...

You are one helluva super mom :)