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Monday, August 18, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes : II

Monsoon time and many homes in our city are attcked by armies of red ants. Now I hate, just HATE mosquoitoes, red ants, leeches and every other type of blood-sucker there is.

A whole big batallion had overrun the kitchen and were scurrying away with morsels of bread and roti. The EO tried to reach for a dabba of his favourite cookies, but I luckily caught his hand and told him that I would get it for him. I told him about the red ants, how much they just LOVE to bite people, especially sweet-smelling angels like him and his brother, and even showed him the long line of disciplined, but jaw-snappy soldiers in different sizes making thier way across the counter, carrying their burden of breadcrumbs upon their backs and scurrying into their hide-away.

We came and sat down at the table and my EO was ruminating on what he had just seen, munching away happily on a Shrewsberry biscuit. Suddenly, he turns to me and vehemently says, "Mamma, they doesn't bite the laal-laal pokaas (red-red bugs). They STINK!!"

I knew he meant 'sting', but I laughingly agreed to his version!


Still thinking said...

I'm really surprised, how come a not-yet-five-year-old know something as 'Sting'...amazing!!!

Is he planning on learning rocket science soon? :p

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

hehehe! Thanks, but the truth is children at this age (and younger) don't possess brains...they have sponges! They absorb everything they're exposed to.

Hmmm, that having been said, maybe I should try it out with rocket science!! ;))