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Friday, March 5, 2010

One would think...

that after the hell that I've already been through this year, that I was done for the time being. That I've had more than my fair share of hospitals.

One would think wrong.

Every evening, the EO, YO, the Nephew and the Niece go downstairs to play, accompanied by their very watchful ayahs and household help. Often friends send their kids over. Occasionally the SIL, FIL and I check up on them whenever decibel levels reach the third and forth floors of our building. Mostly there are screams of joy, but occasionally there are those of frustration and pain as well.

Now my YO has an extremely high threshold of pain. Whenever he falls and hurts himself or cuts himself or scrapes his knee, he just picks himself up, dusts himself down and joins the fray once again.

But not this Wednesday, 3rd March. In a rather stupid and aggressive game of cops and robbers, my little boy was pushed off his cycle. He landed with full force on the back of his head and the cycle came crashing down on his forehead.

He just lay there whimpering and in pain, asking over and over for me. When he came to me, he was still whimpering and just couldn't sit up. He was yawning continuously and kept saying that he wanted to go to sleep. I recognised the danger and called the MIM who was luckily in office and therefore just five minutes away from home. We started off for the hospital where the boys' paediatrician sits, in that evening traffic. When he started vomiting in the car, I lost it and said to hell with the hospital and we turned the car around to go to the emergency room of a hospital nearby (where both our sons were born actually). The Emergency doctor had a look at him and said that we required a paediatric neurologist and helpfully gave us the name and number of somebody he knew. In the meanwhile, the YO's paediatrician told us to move to another hospital, also thankfully really nearby and to get him checked out.

To cut a long story short, there were more episodes of vomiting, a CT scan, admission procedures to take care of, a channel being put into a frightened little boy's hand to administer the drip and subsequent injections and the most frightening four hours of my life.

We came back home this morning and I am beyond thrilled to say that my son is fine. According to the docs, it was "a massive concussion. The impact of the fall shook his brain." We still need to be careful and he still needs bed-rest for the next 48 hours (like that's gonna happen!), but he's his normal jumping-bean-self and for that I am truly, TRULY grateful.

But those four hours, when he was drowsy, couldn't lift his head and was vomiting...I spent in hell.

My YO is incredibly brave. He's my courageous little tiger cub and I am so very proud to be him Mamma. After those four initial hours, when his normal temperament started to surface, I saw no trace of pain, anger, frustration, no incessant whining and crying...yes, he did want his father and brother, and he did want to go home, but those moments did not leave me tearing out my hair in great, big handfuls. He was so easy to manage, a delight to be with and chatty with everybody.

But, I never want to go through that again.

Somebody, please say that I'm done for the year. I don't think I have an ounce of strength left in me...


Doli said...

oh thank God nothing happened to him.. I was worried till I reached the end of the post!

Aneela Z said...

well as they say on no soul does the Lord place a burden more than it can take...I think you just need to have a conversation with the one upstairs that " no more...and all information about you being made of stern stuff was just propaganda and the product of a over efficient PR machine"..Im sure normal programming will resume soon.

Mystic Margarita said...

OMG! Thank God he's ok. Thank God. Praying that he's back to his impish self soon. I can understand what you must have been through -- popol had fallen down a flight of stairs when he was one - luckily he wasn't hurt - but I died a thousand deaths when I ran to pick him after and the hours that followed.

Passionate Goof said...

OMG! That must have been super scary. My heartbeat quickened while I was even reading this post. A BIG TIGHT hug M4. I am sure it will all be great and fine now. And I am so so proud of yoru brave little YO. Thank God! He keep the little one safe and fine. I really am moist eyed typing this comment, because the very thought shakes me to the core. Love and hugs. Just believe that 'AAL IZZ WELL'!
PS - Completely agree with Aneela.

Anonymous said...

This was scary! I am glad he is fine. You are brave. He is brave too - a little boy going through all this!
Nothing like seeing them being their own impish, even troublesome selves :)


dipali said...

Thank God he's alright! How utterly utterly terrifying. I hope you are less shaken now. Take care, and huge hugs to you all.

Tharini said...

Oh God M4! I had my heart in my hands reading this. God, what a scare. terrifically relieved that he is ok now. God!

eve's lungs said...

Oh God how terrifying . I am glad the worst is over - try to keep him quiet for some time . Poor baby what an ordeal for a cheerful kid like him. Hugs to you and the little one, B. :)

Sagarika said...

Aww.. poor baby.. loads of hugs and kisses .... Leaving all modernity and scientific thinking aside, it really wouldnt harm to do a bit of havan at home.... i beleive in evil eye and its effects on good people. But ya all will surely be well and soon.

I have tagged you at and hope you'll oblige me :)

Monika said...

oh shit so glad he is better

hugs loads

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

@ Doli: Yes, all praise due!

@ Aneela: Testing times for sure, but a time-table sure would be least I know when it'll all be over.

@ Mystic: OMG!! How scary was that! I know what you mean about dying a thousand deaths.

@ PG: Thanks for those hugs...sorely needed.

@ IHM: The worry never stops, does it?

@ dipali: Tight hugs to YOU!!

@ Tharini: It was the worst kind of scare...the helpless, sobbing kind. I am so glad it's over now.

@ eve's lungs: Nothing more heart-breaking than seeing a bouncy kid bedridden and whimpering in pain.

@ Sagarika: My husband has been saying the same thing!

@ Monika: Thank you sweetie!

Piper .. said...

Oh thank god he`s ok!!! I cant imagine what you may have gone through!! Lots of love to you and the little ones. Hugs

P.S - You`re in my prayers, M4.

the mad momma said...

oh GOD. I'm so glad he's fine now M4. I am praying this is the last scare this year. big hugs babe

Trishna said...

OMG!M4 I just read.Thank God he is fine now.GM told me and I knew he was alright..but when I was reading the heart was in my mouth.
I really hope this is the last of troubled days.

Rohini said...

Phew. Hugs and glad he's ok. Forget a year, you are done for a decade at least

Achala said...

how nightmarish! thank God he's ok..

Mama - Mia said...

i can so imagine the pain and worry of it all namesake.

so glad that YO was back to his sunny self in no time!


Swaram said...

Oh God! Glad all is well! Kudos to the brave boy!
And hope the yr hs its best in store for u :)

Mamma Mia! Me a Mamma?!? said...

Just reading through my old posts and forgot to thank you guys for your wishes and kind sorry for the lapse.

@ Piper: Thank you for keeping me in your prayers. I seem to have forgotten how to do hoping it comes back. And a very happy birthday to you my dear!

@ MM: Thanks babe. Hopefully I'm done for a long while now!

@ Trishna: Seeing a child in's the worst thing to endure.

@ Rohini: I agree about the decade!

@ Achala: Thank God indeed.

@ Namesake: I aged twenty years in those four hours :-( His smile was like the discovery of the Fountain of Youth.

@ Swaram: What a lovely wish! Thank you my dear.