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Thursday, December 17, 2009


Why is it so hard to be honest?
Why speak in half-truths?
Why insult my intelligence?

I'm kinda heart-broken today...and hating it :-(


Annie said...


Heart break is not always bad, na?.. So dont be like this ... I want you to be happy.. I am down too ...Sigh sigh ... be okay ... mail me if u wanna randomly vent with a not-exactly-a-stranger :)

*big squidgy hug*

Anonymous said...

Hugs M4.

Sometimes it's hard to be honest because the other person's opinion matters too much? (It's still not right to be dishonest ofcourse.)

Aneela Z said...

was it the tailor? i always hate it when they lie about returning clothes in time.

Sparkling said...

You okay, M4?
Insult your intelligence??? How stupid could that person be?

I just hope you feel better soon and rant a bit more here, maybe it could help :)

Take care

R's Mom said...

M4 hugs to you...hope your mood bounces back fast