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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Of Music, Old Age and Contests

The Bro is in town! Yaaayyyy! He arrived on the 25th, a little before midnight. So the boys and I are currently at the 'maike'! Bigger 'YAAAYYYYY!!!' Of course the weekend saw us back at the sasuraal because it was the FIL's b'day bash and plus an adorable and gorgeous SIL was in town, but as of today, we's back at the parents'! So allow me to say it again -- yaaaayyyyyyyy!

It was beyond touching to see the way the EO behaved when he saw his Mamu. He woke up to find himself sleeping next to my mom (which he normally looks forward to, but not this Thursday!!) Disappointed at not being next to his Mamu, he shook MaaJanoni awake, reprimanded her for not depositing him next to said beloved Mamu and then proceeded to run to that same beloved Mamu's room and wake him up with little brother in tow. The Bro very sleepily hugged his nephews and then I shushed them out of the room to start off with the business of the daily grind. Two minutes later, my sleepy Bro walks into the room and a very, very, VERY thrilled little EO shrieks with delight and launches himself at his Mamu. The Bro picks him up and my EO hugs him with all his might, refusing to let go, for a full five minutes, until I had to finally pry him off! The EO then proceeded to do a happy dance :-)

The YO didn't behave as enthusiastically, observing the Bro for some time before he decided that he was alright. Hes, the pack of Hot Wheel cars definitely helped!! But I can't really blame my little one, after all 'Mamu' was just a concept to him, someone his big brother, mother and grand-parents spoke about with great love and affection; someone whom he had no memories of at all, being just a year-and-a-half when he was last here. But here's someone who has the good sense to bring him cars and chocolates...what's not to love?

As for me? It's great having him back! We've already had our chats, heart-to-hearts and many conversations. One of the more memorable ones ran thus...
After coming back from a day trip to Shantiniketan with the MIM, MaaJanoni and MY iPod, the Bro, who has always loved my taste in music, says to me, "Dids, good collection...some great music there...but why does everything have to be so slow?"
Me: Slow?!? Have you seen all my playlists?!?
the Bro: Oh yeah, I have...hence the 'slow'. And old.
Me: (sputtering) But it's got the Scorpions, Bon Jovi, some Deep Purple and Guns 'n' Roses on it!!!
the Bro: Yeah...slow. And old!!

That's it. I've done it. I've actually lived long enough for 'The Scorpions' and 'Deep Purple' to be declared slow and old!! And no...I'm not even remotely interested in what's on the Bro's music list!
I'm a contest junkie. The SMS and online kind. Remember that site that I had asked all of you to visit a while back? Well, the good folks there are back with another great contest...this one's for the bookworms!! Trust me, you'll love it!! Please do go and check it out folks! Go, participate, win!! Click here for deets!
And if you find the time, let the gals there know what you like, don't like and would like to see on their site! :-)


Monika,Ansh said...'s so heartening to read EO's reaction to Mamu. I would be also very happy if Ansh reacts the same way. :) Have fun at the Maika

Poppy said...

Aww lovely - Maamus are the best !

I liked that website but yeah have to still really use it - so many forums these days for parents...

newmumontheblock said...

Awwww three cheers for Mamus and their adoring nephews!
I've been declared an ancient old fossil for listening to Deep Purple and the Scorpions too. And I hardly even like any of the new stuff these days :(

Sparkling said...

Cheers to the sibling love!!!

I quite imagine EO's happy dance to be akin to what Joey does - he looks cute.

Glad to read that you're having a good time! Yay!!! :D

Mama - Mia said...


its something to see mamu - nephew get along innit?

Cubby's reaction was quite similar! its a pity that they stay so far! :(

beautiful beautiful post!


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Thanks all! Don't know how the days just whizzed past. It's already time for him to go.

@ Mon,An: Hope Ansh reacts the same way. It's such a beautiful sight.

@ Poppy: It's delightful to see them around him!
Glad you liked the website and you're right, there are many of them around.

@ Newmum: Let's just toss a few back and listen to our old beloveds, what say? ;p

@ Sparkling: The Joey dance! Pretty much :-) Just mix it up with some moves from the birdie dance.

@ Namesake: I know, babe, too, too, tooooooo far :-(