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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Because I need to remember...

just how sensitive and loving my EO is. This post is about him.

~Because DaddyDearest hasn't been in the best of health, the boys and I have been staying with my parents. DaddyDearest has a severe chest infection and his blood pressure has shot through the roof, not to mention that his sugar is high! He is a diabetic, but never suffered from high BP before. Along with the doctor's prescribed medication, I decided to start him off on alternative therapies -- accupressure and a weekly massage.
The accupressure-fellah comes six times a week, tapes the pressure points on and instructs DaddyDearest when to take them off. During one of the sessions, the EO happened to be around. He watched with grave concern over what was happening to his grandfather. He took it all in silently, then he went over to my DaddyDearest, took the old man's face in his hands, looked deep into his eyes and asked him softly and sincerely, "Daduku, tomaar kawshto hochchey?" (Naanu, are you in pain?)

~When the masseur came over yesterday to give my DaddyDearest his first massage, I went in for a bath afte explaining my dad's spondilosys to the masseur. After I came out of my bath, I saw the YO playing with his toys, but I couldn't find the EO anywhere, so I asked Maa-Janoni where he was. She said he was in DaddyDearest's room watching over him. Apparently, when he said he wanted to go in, Ma-Janoni tried to dissuade him, but he burst into tears and said that he would go off to Bangalore and not take her. He sat in the room, quietly watching over his grandfather and whenever Maa-Janoni and I would peek in, he'd put his finger to his lips and then show us his hand and assure us that everything was alright.

~ Due to a very important engagement, I couldn't take the EO to his classmates birthday party yesterday. But my parents willingly agreed. Apparently, he had a blast with all his friends. But, all that fun didn't make him forget about the fact that he had to his grandparents were 'his responsibility'. Admist all the tatoo-making and running around and the general chos, my EO came over with packets of popcorn...first for his beloved grandmother, and then a couple of minutes later, for his grandfather. My mom was all teary-eyed as she told me all this.

That's how I am as I record all this.


dipali said...

Such a sweetheart!

Still thinking said...

God Bless EO!
You're so lucky M4, I truly love your EO. He's a gem!

How's daddy doing now?

pseudo intellectual said...

hello m4. back again after a long hiatus. so sorry to hear about ur dad. how's he doing now? is accupressure/massage helping?
and u'r EO's a sweetheart. but then he's ur kid! :)

wordjunkie said...

What a wonderful little boy EO is!
Big hugs to you and the boys, and here's to a speedy recovery for your father.

Indyeah said...

alle baba!so sweet!so sensitive at this age:)
God bless him and YO:)

I had a smile while reading this..:)
thank you for sharing it just so..

Piper .. said...

What a truly touching post this is.. Hugs to lil EO and God Bless his heart! So glad that your dad is doing better now.. I`ve heard acupressure/acupuncture techniques are actually effective in life style diseases like Diabetes.

Monika,Ansh said... very caring & sweet of your EO.
Well done Mommy. I think he takes after you.
I hope your Daddy Deraest get well real soon.

Mama - Mia said...


may his breed incraese namesake!

hugs to him!

Monika said...

cho chweet

get well soon for the daddy... hope he is already doing better